Sublime to the Ridiculous

I missed the delivery of a package last week so the UPS guy took it to my apartment complex office. When I went to pick it up, I found tons of lovely flowers. This was my favorite:


What kind is it?

I was trying to take a close up picture of some lovely purple flowers (are they pansies?) but ended up getting this:

 More purdy flowers

Cool picture, but not what I intended. Mymsie = master photographer!

So that’s the sublime. As for the ridiculous, I forgot to mention that Russ called last week. When we were dating, he added me to his Bally’s membership because it was cheaper. I’m still on his membership and he was wondering what to do. I just e-mailed and asked him to cancel it. I figured he would anyway. I guess it was nice of him to call first. I just have no patience left for him.


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