Pappies Are Modern

For my graduation present, my Mom promised she and I would take a trip to Germany. Not long after, she lost her job and things got a bit crazy. Naturally, plans for fabulous trips moved to the back burner, but my Mom insisted we would go someday.

By last fall, my Mom realized a computer would greatly aid her job search. She also knew my computer was so old and haggard, its only remaining utility was as a paperweight. It was pretty embarrassing telling people this Web developer didn’t have anything at home more powerful than a calculator. On top of that, Dell often has great sales and I get a discount through IU, so she decided to get a laptop. She offered to get me one too, as my graduation present, instead of the trip. I value travel more highly than anything, but at the time, practicality won out and I agreed. It’s been very useful. I can do freelance work and prep for classes at home. It’s especially great since I can get a free wireless signal and download porn. (Big ups to my neighbors! 😉 )

In the early 90s, my Dad took a computer class. It was during a time when the easy graphical interface we’re accustomed to wasn’t very common. His teacher stalked him about not typing properly and overwhelmed him with absurd programming minutia, instead of just teaching the basics. After that class, my Dad happily returned to using his old, clunky typewriter. Since then, he’s realized that the PC is here to stay. He wants to learn to use e-mail and surf the Web. He also knows having some computer skills under his belt might help him find a part-time job, which he’s recently considered.

Once my Dad found out my Mom and I had gotten laptops, he decided he would as well. We gave him all the info and helped him order one of his own. Since I teach IT training workshops, I offered to help my Dad learn the basics when he visits. In the meantime, his roommate Felix set up the laptop, but my Dad isn’t using it until he comes here and learns more.

While chatting earlier today, my Dad told my Mom about a new medicine his doctor prescribed. He wanted more info about it and proudly informed my Mom, “Felix is going to look that up on the line for me.”

Hee! 😀

P.S. My Mom and I are still determined to go to Germany one day. Maybe I’ll set up a PayPal ‘Send Mymsie & Mama to Deutschland’ fund! 😉 


One Response to “Pappies Are Modern”

  1. Jacque Says:

    🙂 would that be “on the line” that’s on a disk? 🙂

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