Elusive Bun(s)

Abby is always very curious about other creatures, but she usually prefers to sniff and observe them from a safe distance. Her latest interest is in buns. She’s encountered them before, but never as regularly as she has lately. There is a lovely brown bun whom we’ve seen almost every day this summer. We’ll call him Fluffbert. Sometimes he’s hopping in the lush grass outside my apartment. Sometimes he nestled in the bushes. We’ve also seem him near the creek.

Whenever Fluffbert sees Abbs, he freezes. If Abby sees Fluffbert, she sometimes responds by chasing him. This is silly because Fluffbert can haul ass. As the summer has progressed, Abby’s come to terms with the futility of chasing him. Instead when she sees Fluffbert, she carefully sits down and watches. She generally follows this with a power sniff, during which she raises her schnoozle to the sky and sniffs repeatedly and quickly, in a very determined, intent fashion. The whole show is often topped off with a little snort.

Since we see Fluffbert so much, I wanted to get a picture of him. Here is the first, very sad attempt:


It was at night, he was kind of far away, and I was afraid he’d run if I moved any closer.

In the days following this sighting, I encountered Fluffbert again and was able to get a slightly better photo:


Awww – isn’t he a cutie?

Since I’d only ever seen one bun, I assumed Fluffbert was a loner. I guess that’s silly considering rabbits’ proficiency for multiplying. This was affirmed when earlier this week, I came outside to find TWO buns! Apparently Fluffbert has a buddy, and I bet there are others. Buntastic!

P.S. Any advice for getting a good picture of Fluffbert without scaring him? Also, how can I prevent the flash from reflecting in his eyes and making them glow in the pictures?


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