Free Vodka

The video for JT’s Sexy Back premiers tonight on MTV. In honor of this momentous occasion, a jam-packed PCR:

  • Americans spend nearly $40 billion on our pets each year. PetSmart is helping relieve us of our dough by opening a five-star pet hotel in Maryland. They offer total luxury, including lactose-free ice cream and screenings of animal-themed movies, all for only 23 bucks a night. Not bad!
  • Check out this snap shot of tooth cleaning time for a London zoo hippo.
  • The new season of Project Runway started a few weeks ago. I haven’t been able to catch an entire episode yet but hope to soon. Season one winner Jay McCarroll announced his debut fashion line will be fur free. Good for him!
  • India.Arie’s first album, Acoustic Soul, is one of my top 10 all-time favorites. Since I’m a fan, I bought her latest release, Testimony, Vol. 1: Life & Relationship, last week. It’s not as epic as Acoustic Soul, but boasts a fresh levity and hopeful, more mature voice. And last week, it peaked at number one on The Billboard 200. Pretty incredible.
  • I must have these Uncommon Goods:
  • How hot is M. Night Shyamalan? Unfortunately, Lady in the Water opened to less-than-favorable reviews. I plan to see it, so I’ll let you know what I think.
  • This poor baby whale got separated from his Mama and had to be euthanized. 😦
  • Major snaps to Louisiana for implementing a statewide pet evacuation plan for natural disasters like hurricanes. During the chaos of Katrina, officials told residents to leave without their pets. Many were left behind to drown or starve. Residents and rescue workers faced a huge crisis identifying pets and finding owners and new homes for thousands of animals after Katrina. Now experts say pets should ALWAYS come with you during an evacuation.
  • How many artists can posthumously land their latest album at the top of the pop and country charts? Johnny Cash can baby. Incredible man, incredible music, incredible legacy.
  • Check out this Flickr photo set of an odd contraption, the egg cuber. As for why one might want to cube an egg, one commenter suggested, “So you can stack them. All the pro competitive eaters use these for training. You ever try to keep 6 dozen eggs within easy reach for rapid fire face stuffing?” Hmm…
  • A Salt Lake City bacon burglar broke into someone’s house, took bacon from the fridge, fried it up, and sat down in the kitchen to enjoy it.
  • Find out what the Spice Girls are up to these days. You know you’ve been wondering. 😉
  • Pepsi recently introduced Pepsi Jazz, fruit flavored diet colas with zero calories but purportedly tons of flavor. I saw a bottle at Marsh the other night; I’ll have to try it. It can’t be as bad as Diet Dr. Pepper Berries & Cream. I (heart) DDP but found that flavor tastes like cough syrup.
  • Complete a simple form to get your free sample of Pravda vodka!

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