La-Z Sod

I was very lazy last night. After work, I took Abbs for a walk and then took a nap. Walking is exhausting you know! 😉 Later I got up, grabbed some dinner, checked my e-mail, talked to Poorod on the phone, told Poorod I’d call him later ’cause I wasn’t in the mood to talk, and then went to bed. I rocked the evening granny style!

My Mom has officially reached NE! She drove all the way from TX, and along the way, noticed some interesting things:

  • In the area of the country she traveled through, there are places with actual gates over the highway that are used to close the highway in bad snow storms. She said you really can travel for hours without happening upon any other human life forms. Spooky!
    • When we lived in WI and MN, having moved from NC, people gave us lots of winter weather tips. One thing they always said was if your car breaks down in a snow storm, stay with your car.
  • Along with rest stops, there are picnic stops. Travelers can pull over and dine al fresco at picnic tables covered by a canopy. She said she could understand why you’d bring food when you traveled because several times, she went for hours before she found a place to eat. Yeesh.

I’m hoping to visit my Mom in December. We talked about flying but I would LOVE to bring Abby, in which case, I’d have to drive. Sounds like there are some long, lonely stretches of road though. We’ll see!

P.S. Anytime I type the word “lazy,” I think of how my British ex used to say the name of the furniture store, La-Z-Boy. We encountered the store when we were shopping for a couch. Brits don’t say “zeeee” for the letter Z; they say “zed.” So when he first saw the store he said, “La-zed-boy? How odd!” Hee 🙂

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