I mentioned that my Mom recently took a one-year appointment at a college in NE. This weekend, she had to evacuate her town because of wildfires! Her brother mentioned that fires often create their own weather, which my Mom confirmed. Apparently there were ferocious lightening storms. There were also different types of fires burning, and the methods in which officials deal with those fires vary, so it was extra difficult to manage. She was very scared, as I’m sure you can imagine. When she left her house, she said the air was so hot and thick, she couldn’t breath. She ran inside, grabbed a towel, soaked it in water, and then covered her face “bandit style” while she walked to her car. With only her laptop, medicine, and a change of clothes, she drove north and stayed in a hotel for two nights. She was able to go back last night, but the damage is unreal and some fires continue to rage. All this only a few days after she arrived and started settling in. Poor Mama 😦 (I read that the fire fighters have been more than heroic in their efforts. Thank you!)

My Dad found out he has torn menisci in his knee, so he’s having surgery to repair it this morning. It’s only supposed to take 10 or 15 minutes, so hopefully everything will go smoothly.


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