The Adventures of Abby-Dogg

Abby & Her Auntie Ern at the Cabin

Over the weekend, Abby flirted with all sorts of people at the canoe livery. They remarked, “Ooooo! Aren’t you fluffy?!” and “Awww! Look at the poofy dog!” Hee. She frisked through the crowds of people, weaving figure eights to sniff everyone and check out the scene.

She was so patient Saturday night when Ern and I were outside building a fire and cooking our dinners. I know she was hot but she just panted like crazy, laid down in the cool dirt, and waited for us to finish. We finally went into the air conditioned cabin and stayed there, by which time she was tired out:

Sleepy Girl

I forgot to mention a new habit she’s picked up. As soon as I start using my laptop, she prisses into the bathroom and drinks from the terlet. Sneaky girl! I guess it’s because I tune out and am physically present but psychologically absent. I try to give her some positive attention when she does this, so she doesn’t feel left out or ignored. She certainly knows how to get her message across!

P.S. I mentioned that Abby was sick this weekend and she was sick again last night. I’m making a vet appointment today. I hope everything is OK.


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