Brownout 2006


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Main Entry: brown·out
Pronunciation: ‘brau-“naut
Function: noun
Etymology: brown + blackout
: a period of reduced voltage of electricity caused especially by high demand and resulting in reduced illumination

Since it’s been so freakin’ hot for so freakin’ long, we had a big freakin’ brownout at work yesterday afternoon. Apparently there were brownouts in other parts of Indy as well.

The good news: My primary job duties are to design and develop Web pages and without power, I simply cannot do that. Instead, I loitered around the building and chatted with #5. She’s one of the customer services managers and even though her staff’s computers were down, their phones were not so they still had to answer incoming calls and take orders by hand. You can imagine how much fun that was! They were also instructed to tell customers “We’re upgrading our systems” instead of “Our systems are down because it’s hot as the seventh legion of hell.”

The bad news: I was right in the middle of a post when the power went out so I lost the whole damn thing.


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