Caption It

As seems to be the standard for this summer, it was hot as a mother yesterday, so Lean came over after work and we went swimming. When we arrived at the pool, we found several noodles floating in the water. Once we made sure no one else was using them, we snatched ’em up and the revelry began. I soon remembered a cool noodle trick I’d learned. I showed it to Lean, and she tried it:

Caption Me!

I suppose the average viewer might see this picture and jump to any of several odd and/or perverted conclusions. As such, I thought it’d be fun to have a Caption It contest. Come on readers – share your caption suggestions…pretty please! I’ll tell the winner what the noodle trick is. 😉


2 Responses to “Caption It”

  1. Jacque Says:

    Lean realized too late that what she thought was an underwater breathing apparatus turned out to be the trunk of the horrid pink elephant she had been able to avoid since beginning the AA program.


  2. Great Ern Says:

    “Sure this is a big straw, but I still don’t see how they expect me to drink all of this!”

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