Hooray for Healthy Hounds

I Love My Dog

I took Abby to the vet last night. It was time for her yearly check up, and I wanted to make sure her sick tummy wasn’t symptomatic of a bigger problem. The balance:

  • Overall, Abby is in good health!
  • The vet cleaned her ears and showed me how to do it. She had the benefit of a jr. vet holding Abbs during that process. I don’t know if I’ll be able to manage it on my own. I definitely cannot trim Abby’s nails. She’s always hated having her paws touched and when she was a puppy, I didn’t know to touch them a lot so she got used to it. It takes two PetSmart workers to get that job done.
  • I told the vet that in the last month or so, Abby has started eating a particular plant when we go outside. Sometimes she throws up after she eats it, but not all the time. The vet said pups do that sometimes and as long as the plant isn’t making them sick, it’s OK.
  • The vet also noted that Abby’s skin is a bit dry. Now that she’s up-to-date on all her vaccinations, I can have her groomed, which will hopefully help with the dry skin and the shedding. Seriously, you should see my car. There is so much fur, it is REE-DICK-YOO-LUSS!
  • For a nine-year-old pup, Abby’s teeth apparently look great. They could use a cleaning though, which the vet estimated would cost $340. YEESH.
  • The vet drew blood for a heartworm test and said, “No news is good news.” Hopefully I won’t hear a peep.
  • I mentioned to the vet that in the last few years, I’ve noticed that Abby’s eyes sometimes get weepy if she’s outside a lot. She may have mild allergies so in the future, I can give her Benadryl if she looks uncomfortable.
  • Abbers has gained a little weight, but the vet wasn’t too concerned. I’ve always free fed Abbs, and she’s managed her eating well. Just to make sure she doesn’t gain anymore, I’m going to control her portions. Piggy pup. 🙂

One Response to “Hooray for Healthy Hounds”

  1. jacque Says:

    so, what about her upset tummy? is it the grass eating?

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