AZBad and I are leaving tomorrow morning for Lollapalooza. First of all: YAY! I’m so excited! It’s finally here! But secondly: HOLY BALLS, I have a lot to do before I can leave, including:

  • Pay my rent
  • Clean The Goose since she’s SUPER furry from having Abbs as a backseat passenger last weekend
  • File my nails
    • I realize this seems trivial, but I’ve broken a few recently and they’re jagged and bothering me
  • PACK
  • Vacuum my apartment so when Lean and Ruby stop by over the weekend to take Abbs out, they won’t be attacked by well-meaning but frighteningly-enormous furballs
  • PACK
  • Blog about my night o’ fun with Poorod
  • Wrap up some work stuff, thereby giving a vague, watery, and unverifiable but inarguable impression that I’ve accomplished job-related tasks this week instead of the usual blogging and downloading porn
  • 13 buns



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