Carnie, Mymsie, & Ern
Carnie, me, and Ern at my birthday celebration – aren’t we hot?

The last 50+ hours of my life have been remarkably unproductive. I think being this tired after a three-day concert followed by a birthday is a sure mark of old age. True, I slept in an unfamiliar bed two nights so I didn’t get a lot of rest. True, AZBad and I must have walked 100 quillion miles back and forth between stages and every which way in Grant Park (in a heat I’ll liken to the furnaces of hell) over the weekend. True, we didn’t get back to Indy until 4 a.m. Monday morning. But ultimately, these are all excuses for my apparently pathetic post-event bounce-backedness. I’M STILL TIRED and can’t bring myself to do much of anything at work. What’s happened to me? My first few years of college, I happily functioned on a total of four hours of sleep. Where has that resilience gone? Do I need to be taking zinc supplements?


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