Everybody Cut, Everybody Cut

Last week was a bit busy, but I had lots of fun. Poorod came over Wednesday evening. He’s a big Philip K. Dick fan, so we saw A Scanner Darkly. (Review coming soon.) After the movie, we drove through Wendy’s for some fast vittle action. Next, we headed back to my place and chowed down while watching SNL. Eventually Footloose came on and although it’s sort of cheesy and ridiculous, we were lulled into watching the entire thing. That was also due in part to the fact that I forgot to put my sheets in the dryer, so we couldn’t go to bed until they were finished.

I hadn’t seen Footloose in awhile and was shocked at its campiness. Do you remember Kevin Bacon‘s angry dancing scene? He’s fed up, so he drives to an industrial part of town, jumps out of his car, and dances like a mad man. He spins circles, perfectly lands round offs, and leaps hither and yon. I think everyone can relate to that. When I’m upset, nothing releases tension more than spirited dancing against a post-nuclear backdrop.

I had forgotten about SJP‘s role in the movie. She looks SO young and innocent. She just wants to dance people; she can barely sit still!

I love that despite their stifling environment, by the final scene, all the town’s kids had learned enough to coordinate a fantastic, lengthy dance sequence, complete with festive, falling glitter. That’s impressive. See what happens when you let the devil into your heart?

When we were watching the movie, I started to wonder if at the time, I found that sort of aggrandized, pseudo-masculine behavior attractive. Did I fawn? It’s hard to imagine now, even though I think Kevin Bacon is VERY attractive. It just seems so silly: bustin’ a move on a whim, duelin’ tractors, scrapin’ angrily with a rival, and fightin’ over a small-town hottie. C’est le cinéma!

In closing, not one to kiss and tell, I’ll simply note (since I don’t hesitate to write about the bad stuff too) that Poorod is sweet and attentive and excels at all the physical, intimate endeavors, like, more than anyone I’ve ever encountered. A tip for boys: it is SO sexy when you genuinely care about satisfying us. Rawr!!


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