You Say It’s Your Birthday

Last Monday, Lean and I planned a little birthday fete at the Broad Ripple Brew Pub. I wanted to have a big party, but I didn’t get my butt in gear in time and figured I might have a party around Christmas-time. Since it was sort of last minute, it was a little hard to pick a time that worked for lots of people. In the end, Carnie and her hubby, Ern, Lean, Moxy, Rubes, and Nicole came and we had a ball. 

Rubes, Nicole, & Me

How tan is the Rubester? And do you sense a glow about Nicole? She’s preggers! Yay for Nicole and her hubbers! This is a good excuse for me to start knitting again. It seems like it’d be easier to knit baby stuff since it’s so small. I get impatient with all my big projects and then ignore them. 

Notice my cider in the picture. Apparently BRBP doesn’t have cocktails, so I tried cider. I’ve had it before, but thought maybe I’d enjoy it more this time. I just don’t like the taste of alcohol. I did my share of partying my first few years of college but I can’t remember the last time I was drunk. That didn’t stop me from looking tipsy in this pic:

Nicole & Me

Actually lately, I’ve been feelin’ like it would be fun to do a little partying. Nothing too crazy, just a cocktail or three. 😉 I can handle alcohol as long it’s disguised by ridiculously fruity flavors.

I worked with Carnie at IU in Bloomington. She and her hubby moved to PA but have recently returned. Here are Carnie, me, and Ern, who drove up from Bloomington:

Carnie, Mymsie, & Ern

We found out there is a magician at the BRBP on Monday nights. He came to our table and did all sorts of fun tricks. It was pretty incredible because I was up close and couldn’t figure out how he was doing everything. He even stumped Moxy:

How Did He Do That?

I have to admit that I had a hard time finding my card:

Where Is My Card?

Nothin’ gets by me!

Fortunately, I was able to gain control of the magician’s wand:

The magician & me

Despite the fact that I’m now 30, he happily made me a sassy balloon flower hat. *beam*

Moxy, Rubes, Nicole, me, and Lean

Sexy ladies! 

The magician left us one of his balloons to play with. Those mothers are hard to blow up! Here’s Carnie, giving it her all:

 Carnie Giving It Her All

Now we know why her husband always looks so satisfied:

Carnie's Satisfied Hubby

After all the balloon excitement, Lean oomphed up her pout with her signature color for our next photo:

Me and Lean


Someone took a picture of Ruby and I, but my bra was hanging out (hot!), so I didn’t post it on Flickr. I did post a cute one of Rubes and Lean:

Rubes & Lean

And another sweet one of Rubes & Nicole:

Rubes & Nicole 

After a desert of yummy chocolate cake, I snapped one more photo of the girls:

Lean, Moxy, Rubes, & Nicole

You can’t tell, but they were surrounded by a pack of wild, lascivious boys. I had to hold ’em back to take the picture!

All told, it was a wonderful birthday celebration and it was fantastic to see everyone.


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