I liked to play with Strawberry Shortcake and her pals when I was little. Who can resist their enormous heads, freckle-sprinkled mugs, and fruity, soft hair? In high school, my friend Kim and I often hung out in another friend, Joy’s, basement. One day, we were rummaging around and found all Joy’s old Strawberry Shortcake dolls. We strolled down memory lane, but it wasn’t long before our clever teenaged minds strayed from the path of righteousness. We came up with the most dirty, trashy Strawberry Shortcake song EVER. It’s awful! I blush just thinking of it. It contains words I don’t even like to think, much less say aloud. In my defense, I’ll say that anyone who knows Kim will hear the song and recognize some of her signature gross-out phrases. I’m just an innocent preacher’s kid people! 😉

In other berry news, I forgot to show you the strawberry purse I ordered from Urban Outfitters:

Strawberry Purse

I stalked it until it was on sale and then snatched up one of my own. Cute, huh? I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it. People often ask if I made it. Oh lord. If I made purses, I don’t think I’d ever leave the house, except to get new fabric and patterns.

As you can see, this purse has a wooden handle and lovely buttons which you use to secure the fabric embroidered berry part onto the handle. I was thinking I’d show it to my Mom and see if she might teach me to make other fabric covers for it. She’s quite a seamstress. I love that she has a PhD AND makes the best biscuits in the world. There are many such skills I’d like to learn from her as I endeavor to be a well-rounded woman.

The only downside of the bag is that the handle is small. I generally slip my whole arm through the handles of my purse and carry it hanging from my forearm. That way my hands are still free, but I can’t do that with this purse. Minor bummer for such a cute poke!


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    I enjoyed reading your story. Please join our minister’s kid community at!


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