A Challenge

I have an embarrassing history of not getting to work on time, like, all the way back to high school. At IU, my working environment was VERY relaxed. Since I was always taking classes, my odd hours were OK with my boss, thereby endorsing my behavior. When I worked at the magazine, I got a mild scolding for rolling in late. Granted, my bosses were vicious cows and the atmosphere sucked my will to live, but that’s no excuse. Finally, at my last job, I actually got in trouble for being late. My boss was all, “I know this job doesn’t pay well and you often teach in the evenings. You’re doing a great job, but you can’t be late everyday.” So mortifying!

My current boss told me he isn’t a stickler about hours, but he suggested I generally be at work from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. When I first started, I was on time every day. In the three months since then, I’ve started slacking. I stay up too late, doing this and that, and am tired in the morning, so I oversleep. Then I don’t have time to shower, so I look like crap when I stroll into work with bedhead and dark circles under my eyes. When I do have time to shower, I certainly don’t have enough time to actually style my hair, so I leave the house with it wet. Then on the way to work, I hang my head out the car window like a pup and air dry my hair. That’s marginally OK for summer but soon, it’s going to be too cold for such nonsense. Worst of all, when I’m late, I don’t have time to stop on the way to work and get coffee. I don’t do very well without that warm jolt of liquid energy.

I think it’s a combination of trying to do too much, not getting enough sleep, and not sticking to a regular schedule, but the pattern must be broken! I’m determined to do better. This morning, I was at work by 8:20 a.m., which isn’t too bad. Now if I can just stick with it. Maybe it would help if I set a punishment/award goal. How about this? If I arrive at work by 8:15 a.m. for the next two weeks, I’ll treat myself to the That Girl DVD I’ve heard such good things about. If I’m late, I’ll pick one of my old purses that’s out of style or I don’t like very much and carry it for two weeks. Ern will approve which purse I choose and ensure it is indeed tacky. (I have some really ugly ones that were gifts. Think faux fur!) Deal? Wish me luck! I promise to be honest and keep you posted. Stay tuned for a picture of the ugly purse Ern chooses!


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