Mmmmm, Polenta

Last night was productive and relaxing. I read for awhile and then did laundry (I finished it all – woooots!) For dinner, I sauteed some buttery polenta cakes to have with my leftover black bean stoup. It was all very yummers. I bought the polenta at World Market, which I discovered when I first moved to Indy. (I fell in love with the entire store, from the handmade vases, to the drool-worthy dishware, and bright baubles. You can even score tasty treats like imported chocolates and exotic spices. LOVE it, unkay?) All this got got me thinking about a funny polenta-related incident.

When I first moved to Indy, I worked at a magazine, where I met Don Kramer. His friend Brian (Yes, that’s the B you know and love. Experts now cite this as the night we fell in love. 😉 ) had extra tickets to see Peter Gabriel. Don invited me and I invited my friend Amy. Before we went to the concert, Amy and I had dinner and then I took her to World Market, because I thought she’d like it. She was a smitten kitten too. We bought all sorts of goodies. In particular, I bought some polenta. It comes in a tube – totally convenient. You just slice and prepare it any of a million ways.

After shopping, we threw all our bags in the trunk of my hoopty and headed to the concert. It was an awesome show. Peter (I can call him that because we’re close) rolled around on stage in this gigantic, transparent ball!

When the concert was over, we started walking back to my car. I was pretty punchy because as soon as B and I met, we clicked and laughed and joked like wild hellions. Don said it was like we’d been separated at birth. In that silly mood, it occurred to me that since it was summer, my polenta might have gotten yucky in my steamy trunk. Speculating aloud I noted, “My polenta is gonna be SO gnarly.” That immediately struck us as a rather odd and quite funny statement, especially taken out of context. We giggled lots and always remembered the silly line. Later, Amy made me a mix CD titled, “Music to Watch Your Polenta Go Gnarly By.” Hehe 🙂

After vittles, I took Abbs for a nice walk. She usually lingers behind me, sniffing odors and investigating circumstances. Then she runs really fast to catch up with me, and repeats the process. Silly girl.

Before bed, staying true to my quest to read and listen to music more, I turned the TV on and flipped channels to see if anything good was on. I happened upon a Survivor rerun on OLN. I watched the first few seasons of Survivor, but eventually lost interest. This apparently was a later season because I didn’t recognize anyone. It was the standard episode in which the players who’ve been on the island for 15 or 20 days each get to talk with a loved one for a few minutes. This time, the loved ones had been flown in so the players could have face-to-face reunions. Dear God – it was so sweet to see their expressions and hear the lovely things they said to one another. I got a little misty! (WEIRDO)

I may or may not have actually turned on the TV to watch the season three premiere of Laguna Beach. I know, I know. It’s totally hedonistic and histrionic, but I can’t help myself. It ended up not being as fun to watch as previous seasons because the girls are really hateful and vicious. That’s OK. I can work on my To Do list instead.


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