Parade of Pressies

My friends rule. They love, support, and encourage me, help me get through hard times, teach me important lessons, listen to my ramblings, and even indulge my sometimes-silly sense of humor. (Doesn’t everyone think it’s funny to talk about poo?) On top of all that, they gave me some sweet birthday pressies. Behold, my loot:

Ms. Fashionista Ruby got me these cutie pink earrings:

Cutie Earrings

Quite awhile ago, Ern and I did a bit of shopping in Broad Ripple. I fell in love with a gorgeous vase at Chelsea’s and she sneakily bought it to give to me:

Lovely Vase

I’ve probably nattered too much about my quest to drink at least 60 ounces of water a day. I quickly discovered that tap water tastes yucky, but bottled water is expensive. Lean got me a cool Britta water filter pitcher– totally thoughtful AND utilitarian.

Carnie knows I’m meticulous about my manis, so she got me a CUTE manicure set in an even CUTER cherry-covered pouch. She also got me some shiny lip gloss, purdy nail polish, toe separators (to be used during pedis), and a rubber to boot:

Loot from Carnie

I also got sweet cards from several people, including Nicole, Moxy, JayDub, and Kristie. *coo*

As for my family, Pappy cleverly sent me $30 for my 30th birthday – hee. 🙂 My brother knows I’m a mediaphile, so he got me an gift certificate, which was very nice. That leaves Mama – I introduced her to the Ditty Bops when I discovered them last year. She loved ’em and immediately bought their self-titled debut album. For my birthday, she got me their new album, Moon Over the Freeway.

Awww! Thanks everybody!


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