Abby seems to have wandered back into puppyhood these last few weeks. Maybe she’s bucking for attention. Maybe she’s feeling lively in anticipation of cooler weather. We’ve been taking more walks so maybe she has more energy. Whatever the reason, she’s been a very playful, mischievous pup. She’s digging in the trash, tearing up papers, drinking from the terlet, and acting more stubborn and defiant when I ask her to come or wait. She even seems to be playing with renewed fervor. Last night, she brought me one of her babies to throw so she could fetch it. Usually she’s over it after a few rounds, but she was especially devilish and rascally. She kept jumping on the couch (which she knows better than to do) and shaking her baby all over the place. What’s gotten into my frisky bear?

Abby’s 9th birthday is next month. She’s a healthy pupper, but I still worry that my time with her may be running short. My Dad grew up on a dairy farm so for him, animals belong outside. That coupled with my Mom’s allergies meant my brother and I didn’t have any pets growing up other than a few hamsters and one bun. When Abby goes to the rainbow bridge, it will be my first major pet loss and it will be very, very sad. She’s an amazing, wonderful pup. I don’t know what I would’ve done without my sweet girl. With all that in mind, I want to appreciate and love her as much as possible. Lucky for her, that means I don’t worry too much about her sometimes-frustrating puppylike behavior of late. 🙂


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