One More Than 12

It’s my first Thursday Thirteen! Following are 13 Flickr photos I have bookmarked:

Thursday Thirteen

  1. Betty Between the Corgis– How hysterical is the look on Betty’s face and how’d she get her eyes to do that?
  2. Baring All – Who could resist those big, fuzzy bun feet?
  3. Smilin’ Fluffy-Headed Pup– SUCH a sweet face! I especially love the black schnoozle and pink tongue.
  4. Hehehe, Revenge Will Be Mine– Best evil kitty face EVAH!
  5. “I Have Grown Weary of Being Cute,” Sighed A-choo– I’m not a cat person but this one makes me melt. Abby has learned that when she rubs her eyes like this, I “Awwww” all over myself and give her lots of pets. She’s trained me well. 😉
  6. Is My Pouff Too Big For This Box?– Spencer is SUPER floofy and always getting into mischief.
  7. MINE!!!!! – Does this really need an explanation? I laugh every time I see it.
  8. Night Night– This snoozy bun, Cracker, has lovely fur and precious pink bunny lips.
  9. Particularly Pouffy – Here’s Spencer again, as seen from behind. His poof is so big, you can barely see his legs!
  10. Sleepy Smudge – This honey bun is totally relaxed and completely trusts his owner. (More cute bun feet!)
  11. Smile – This pup’s mug is irresistible. He looks blissed out in that lovely field of flowers.
  12. The Father Daughter Conversation– I LOVE Pyrs and one of the reasons is that they’re generally very patient, attentive, and thoughtful.
  13. What, Do I Have a Booger or Something? – Telltale stains around his mouth give away Cracker’s secret.

One Response to “One More Than 12”

  1. LaShawn Says:

    Great list. Soem awesome pics.

    Happy T13!

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