How Does One Lose Jello?

Before I leave for work in the mornings, I grab four things:

  • A breakfast bar
  • A bottle of water
  • A Lean Cuisine or SmartOne for lunch
  • Fruit or sugar-free Jello for an afternoon snack

This morning, I gathered each of these items, opting for strawberry Jello, and threw them into my bag. A few moments ago, I tottered to the office kitchen to grab my squidgy snack, mouth watering in anticipation. I suddenly realized I didn’t specifically recall putting my Jello in the fridge when I got to work today. I did remember tossing my Lean Cuisine in the freezer, so I quickly shrugged it off, assuming the monotony of daily patterns caused me to block out this non-event.

A blast of cool air swept across my face as I opened the fridge. Inside, I saw rumpled lunch bags and half-finished Diet Cokes, but no Jello. I’ve forgotten to refrigerate my Jello a few times, instead leaving it in my purse. I assured myself this was again the case and scurried back to my office. Once there, I rummaged in my bag, but came up empty handed.

Where the hell is my Jello? Did someone steal it from the fridge at work? It couldn’t have fallen out of my purse without me hearing it, right? I mean a single-serving size of sugar-free Jello isn’t huge, but it DOES make a sound when it falls out of your bag and no one is around to hear it.

When you’re trying to eat well, your 3:30 p.m. snack is something to look forward to. You’ve managed to avoid binging since lunch and you’re ready for a fruity-yet-healthful treat. I want my goddamn Jello! WHERE IS IT??? Er, I mean…*cough*…I’ll just have a little extra salad at dinner. I’m not hungry anyway. I barely remembered to eat lunch!


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