Deep Thoughts Twofer

  1. In honor of everyone being open about their vittle demons, I’ll share something that occurred to me this weekend. When I’m smack dab in the middle of feeling confident I have control of my eating, the other end of the spectrum feels SO far away. It seems like it’s another person who’s binged gluttonously, cowering at the feet of the refined sugar gods. It’s quite simple really. I just don’t do that anymore because it’s bad for me. What was I thinking? It’s easy to not overeat!
  2. Conversely, when I’m in the pits of despair and my eating is totally out of control, the tables are turned. I wonder how I ever managed to NOT overeat. It seems impossible. I can’t fathom how I summoned the power to make reasonable decisions about food. I’m certain I’m just wired differently and can’t control myself.

    These two extremes are so odd. At times, it seems so easy, and in other moments, managing my eating seems like the most insurmountable task of all time. What changes? I think the most significant variables are my emotions. They ebb and flow, rise and fall, completely changing the way I feel about myself and therefore how I respond to food and what I choose to eat or not eat. It’s incredible that’s all it takes to create such divergent responses. Something to keep in mind when I’m in those pits.

  3. Guess what I found this morning in the fridge at work? In my defense, it was hidden, nestled in a corner of one of the shelves on the door.

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