Time For An Irish Jig

I just got information about my volunteer shifts for the Indy Irish Festival. I’ve volunteered for a few years now and always have a great time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the music. A band called Danú performed one year and they were so awesome and fun. The members are easy on the peepers too, which made their performance even more enjoyable. Don Kramer and I hung around after the show, planning to talk to them, but we lost our nerve. It’s OK – the lock of hair I mailed them will ensure they never forget me! 😉

I also love watching the dancers – they’re incredible and I dig the bouncy, curly wigs the girls wear. Not that it’s exactly the same thing, but growing up, I took tap for five years and had a ball. Lean and I talked about signing up for a tap class. It would be great exercise and fun to relearn. I do remember some steps. When I worked at the state, Mr. Keester and I occasionally broke into the time step when we wanted to spice up a moment.

Volunteering, I’ve found that people often ask if I have Irish in my blood. One woman said she asked because of my auburn-ish hair and frecklies. (Do I look like a leprechaun?) I think I’ve heard my parents say my family has Irish heritage. I should find out more about it. 

In the past, I’ve met some really nice people at the Irish Festival. Maybe this year I’ll encounter some cute, single boys – Mmmm, delicious Irish boys bearing gifts of sterling claddagh rings and coddle. *drool*


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