Could I BE More Philanthropic?

Right after I received information about my Irish Fest volunteer shifts, I got an e-mail about volunteering for the Heartland Film Festival. When I volunteered for the Indianapolis International Film Festival, I heard about the Heartland Film Fest, so I contacted the organizers and asked to get involved. I pink floofy ♥ their mission so I am SUPER excited.

In other news, I am LOVING the cool fall weather. It’s delicious and makes me want to hike, knit, and roast marshmallows. In fact, last night, Lean, Abby, and I went for a power walk. We hoofed it around my apartment complex several times, including some strolling by the lake. We plan to work up to more laps in an effort to get my arse in shape. The walk was great except for a small problem: For the last few years, I’ve taken Abby outside off leash because she’s fairly attentive, stays close, and it gives her some freedom. But since I started portioning her food (at the vet’s suggestion) she has become the most stubborn, willful pup in town. She deliberately and irrationally acts in the exact opposite manor I suggest. “Come here pretty girl” = *walk into the middle of the street and sniff a piece of trash*. Because I don’t want her to get hurt, I put her on lead for our walk. I love my fluffy bear but she can be VERY frustrating in this scenario. She flitters back and forth in crazy, unpredictable patterns. She used to be really bad about pulling, but thankfully that isn’t a problem anymore. I still need to teach her to stick to a relatively linear path while on lead. Suggestions? 

After work tonight, I did some cleaning and laundry and then went to Lean’s to watch V for Vendetta. I saw it when it first came out, but it was good to catch part of it again. It’s quite an intriguing film. Little Natalie Portman is a rather good actress. I think it’s really venerable that she shaved her head for that role, completely sacrificing vanity for her craft.

Lean lured me to her apartment with talk of wrapping presents. Last Christmas, I revealed my adoration for gift gilding and she put it to good use. I wrapped most of her pressies and had a ball doing it. I especially love making fun bows from wrapping paper. I’m not sure what presents I was supposed to wrap tonight. I forgot to ask and she didn’t mention it. She probably just said that to trick me into coming over because hey, who doesn’t want to hang out with me? 😉 

In closing, on another blog, I read about a VERY odd and frightening behavior. Are you familiar with this? I hadn’t ever heard of anyone doing it. It sounds painful and far from sexy, but different strokes for different freaks folks.

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