Trust the Mymsie

I got to work a bit late on Friday, but once I knew the B was in town, I couldn’t bear to work late. I left around 4:30 p.m. and headed home to take Abbs out. B went with Lean to take her kitties to the vet (more on that later) and then they came to my apartment. It was excellent to get stung by the B again! We all chatted and caught up, alienating my neighbors with crazy laughter.

We decided to see Trust the Man, the opening of which I’d been anticipating for weeks. I’m pleased to say it was well worth the wait. The movie follows the ups and downs of two couples’ relationships. The dialog was so natural and realistic – like listening in on your friends’ conversations. I was especially impressed by David Duchovny. He was lovable and earnest, all while breezily delivering hysterical lines. Billy Crudup did a great job too. Where has he been since Almost Famous? I am SO jealous of Claire Danes! *pant* As always, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Julianne Moore were luminous. Julianne Moore played Rebecca, an observant, stubborn, fiercely loyal actress. Her character was so relatable. You really bought her story and despite recognizing her shortcomings, wanted to stand behind her. GO SEE IT.

After the movie we went to Sapporo for sushi. YUMMY yum yum yummers – my favorite! We decided to get various sushi rolls and salad, and share a teriyaki chicken dinner. Our waitress was a bit of a nutter. She asked what we wanted to drink and B requested a Sapporo, which is a brand of Japanese beer. Instead, she brought him a ton of hot sake. (Man, that stuff is yucky. I don’t see how people enjoy it. *shudder*) Once the drink order was sorted out, our sushi arrived. We shared a spicy tuna roll, a California roll, a spider roll, a rock ‘n roll, and another one I can’t remember. I’d never had a rock ‘n roll before. It was DELICIOUS. It’s definitely a new favorite I’ll add to my rotation. We were starving and gobbled down the sushi pretty quickly. It was about 10 p.m. by this time. The waitress hovered the entire time, picking and nattering. In the meantime, the waiters started vacuuming and cleaning up. It looked like they were closing soon, so we told the waitress we’d hurry. The sushi guy heard this, came to our table, and told us to take our time because they don’t close until 10:30 p.m. That helped us relax a little, but we were beginning to wonder where our chicken teriyaki was. We were surprised when the waitress brought us our check. We cautiously asked about the chicken teriyaki and she acted like it was the first time she’d heard about it. She scurried off and 10 minutes later, we were presented with a chicken dish. It definitely was NOT teriyaki chicken, rather chicken with leftover miscellaneous sauce and vegetables. By this time, we were flustered and ready to go, so we didn’t say anything. While we ate the chicken dinner, the waitress hovered even more! She literally stood right next to our table and watched us, bite for bite. The situation quickly went from mildly irritating to annoying as hell, so we hit the road. I’ve since decided our waitress was rushing to keep a boil lancing appointment. I’ve only ever had excellent service there in the past. Hopefully ours was a one off experience.

I forgot to mention another oddity – the waitress asked if we were brother and sisters. I guess she thought that because we were laughing and enjoying ourselves. She nodded to me and Lean and said we looked alike. Odd that.

B suggested we hang at the Chatterbox so after dinner, we all headed downtown. We sat outside since the weather was so perfect. Our waiter was very sweet and delicious and patient throughout our many odd requests and silly jokes. I had vodkas and cranberry, Lean had white wine, and B had fancy Manhattans with some sort of bitters. The music and mood were great. I’d never been to the Chatterbox before but definitely will go again soon. We spotted all sorts of yummy boys and some interesting characters including:

  • Loud, boring story telling girl whose breast flapped happily from her dress’s plunging neckline
  • Smoldering hotties speaking something Slavic (Russian?) and sporting socks stylistically incongruent with their shoe choices
  • Tall, long-haired effeminate man whose pants were jacked up to his nipples, resulting in a VERY unflattering and uncomfortable-looking appearance

After drinking too much and viciously mocking everyone around us in an effort to make ourselves feel better, we decided to head home. There was, of course, one stop along the way. In our defense, we chose sushi for dinner because it’s tasty and relatively healthy. We even declined to order tempura, shunning the delicious but fatty fried delight. Unfortunately, the urgency of these healthful notions had long since fizzled by the time we headed back to my apartment. B and I picked up an obnoxious haul of snackies including ice cream, chocolate milk, frighteningly-spicy chips, and some other stuff I can’t remember and/or am too embarrassed to admit to. This signaled the beginning of poor eating for the remainder of the weekend. I had the best of intentions but did not do well at all. Here’s to healthy living!

Exhausted from inhaling snacks, we decided to go to bed. Once I’d provided 300-count sheets, a down comforter, and a perfectly-fluffed pillow, B nestled into his bed-away-from-home on the couch. Within moments, we were playing the “Are you asleep yet?” game. Since it’s so much fun, we decided to include Lean by way of text messages. I don’t know why she didn’t respond. 😉


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