Gaucho Problemo

Gaucho pantsI’m a big fan of gaucho pants and miraculously, they look relatively flattering on me. I have them in black, brown, and cerulean blue. Unfortunately, my pantaloon lust bubble has recently been burst. On several occasions, I’ve passed a mirror or looked down to find them falling off in some manor, yet I was unable to feel a disturbance about my person. Once I found half my booty hanging out and another time, the tricky trousers had slipped past my hips, revealing my lovely tummy. They’re made of a very stretchy, light fabric and feature an odd waistband, otherwise propitious for babes blessed with perfectly-flat tummies (read: not me). I think as the day progresses, the funky waist and distended fabric conspire to create an anomaly whereby I’m rendered unable to detect fabric shifts. So far, I’ve caught these fashion faux pas before others were subjected (I hope!) but soon I fear I will not be so lucky. What’s a girl to do? I don’t want to stop wearing the stylish South American slacks but certainly cannot risk further exposure. Clearly, the only sensible option is to not wear underwear when I wear my gauchos. Any fabric dislocation or migration should then be obvious…I hope. *gulp*


2 Responses to “Gaucho Problemo”

  1. PastaQueen Says:

    I’m not a big fan of the gauchos, but I do believe you should love what you wear, so if they make you feel good then more power to you. At least you didn’t say “capri pants.” I hate capris! The only thing I hate more than capris is the poncho fad from a couple years ago. Promise me you’ll never wear a poncho with your gauchos. That would be way too Juan Valdez.

  2. guinness girl Says:

    Ooh, I love me some gaucho pants. LOVE. My arse is too big for them to fall down, though. Hot damn! I’ve finally found the silver lining in the cloud that is my massive ass.

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