“I Can Hold That You Know”

Poorod’s birthday is this weekend, so he came over last night for an early celebration. Surveying the aftermath this morning, I chuckled to myself. He’s a tall, manly guy with a deep, gruff voice, but I left him snoozing peacefully, the tattoos on his arms peeking out from under my comforter, mocking the innocent scene. Hehe.

For some reason, I was in the mood to cook lasagna last night but I found out Poorod doesn’t like ricotta. I actually don’t either, the taste or texture, but can tolerate it in lasagna. I ended up making ‘ghetti with ground turkey breast – mmmmmm. I recently found a Chicken Piccata recipe I’ve been dying to try, but Poorod doesn’t like capers either. I guess they’re an acquired taste but I love ’em, especially with lemony fish.

Poorod is from Maine, so while I made dinner, he skimmed the headlines of his hometown newspaper online. He found an article about a woman who tried to save money by buying cigs online, but Maine busted her with a big fat unpaid tax bill. She was livid and claimed the state’s picking on smokers. All sorts of people wrote in agreeing with or shredding her opinion. Some of them were so funny. One commenter basically suggested she quit smoking and get a life. (Oh? OK!)

The article also mentioned that the woman is on disability. That got me wondering about controlling what people on government assistance can buy. I’m generally a big fan of individual freedoms but should you have to defer some of those rights if you’re receiving state financial aid? I realize it would be impossible to enforce, but I’d be interested to hear the arguments for and against.

Poorod was very unsympathetic to the smoker lady and said she was irresponsible and needs to quit. That may be true but I try not to be judgmental about stuff like that because we all have areas in which we could use improvement.

I mentioned a Vanity Fair article I read yesterday about how Agent Orange has ravaged so many generations in Vietnam and still haunts children and young adults. (The photos were heart breaking.) That eventually lead to a conversation about Iraq, when Poorod proclaimed he’s given up and isn’t commenting on it anymore, because things won’t change. He’s probably right but I have disdain for such fatalism. If everybody settled for that, we’d never accomplish a damn thing.

After dinner, I found I’d received a new magazine with my New Yorker. It’s called Fashion Rocks and it appears to be about music and fashion. (What was it doing bundled with my favorite enlightened rag? ) I thumbed through the magazine and found an article about super models and their favorite bands. Gisele Bündchen picked Ben Harper. In the article, he even said she has a good ear for music. A model I’ve never heard of, Shalom Harlow, is apparently a Flaming Lips fan. After Lollapalooza, I can attest to the awesomeness of their live performances. Finally, Gemma Ward sounded off for Franz Ferdinand. That got me wondering where my copy of their first album was, which in turn lead to a campaign of digging through all my CDs and discussing certain ones with Poorod. I pulled out a few I love but haven’t listened to in awhile including OK Go, The Complete Stone Roses, and Why Do Birds Sing?

I keep a running list of movies I want to see, so I asked Poorod to peruse it and suggest one to rent. I’m embarrassed to say I hadn’t yet seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which is especially odd given how much I love Jim Carrey. Someone gave me the idea that it was weird like Silence-of-the-Lambs-weird. Poorod explained otherwise, so we rented it. What a great movie. Charlie Kaufman is a freakin’ BRILLIANT writer – BRILL-EEE-ANT!

On the way to the video store, we listened to some old school hip hop mix CDs my brother made for my awhile ago. We also discussed our endeavors to bring back 80s hip hop-ish words. Poorod attempted to unearth ‘def’ with little success. I’ve tried to sprinkle ‘dope’ into conversation, but just can’t get away with it.

Something Poorod said last night struck me. When I’m alone in my car, I put my purse on the passenger’s seat but when someone else is in my car, I usually put it in the back seat or at my feet. When we left for the video store, I put it in the backseat. When we came out of the video store and went back to my car, I put it at my feet. On the way home, we stopped for a drink, after which I put my purse in the backseat again. When I did, Poorod gave me a frustrated look and said, “I can hold that you know” which was VERY sweet. It really hadn’t even occurred to me to ask him to hold my purse. Since we’re not “in a relationship,” I guess that seems presumptuous to me.

Don’t get me wrong – I really really really like Poorod. He’s been a good friend to me. He’s taught me lots and is very caring and loyal. I also relish how comfortable I feel around him. Despite all that, I don’t think I’d want to date him. He has some wonderful qualities but there are a few areas in which I think we’re too divergent. But who knows?

I started thinking and realized that when I was with Chris, he held my purse a lot. He was always very sweet and laughed about it. With Ross, I don’t think I asked him too. That made me wonder if I ever will find another boy with whom I’m comfortable asking to hold my purse…at least when the cops drive by. Haha! See how I deflect sincere concern with humor? Waka waka!


One Response to ““I Can Hold That You Know””

  1. A-frame Says:

    One more movie comment: Eternal Sunshine was overrated. Maybe it deserved to have been seen in the theater. Don’t you miss our Tuesday Soft Core Porn Movie Nights? *sigh*

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