New Material

I need a new line. CuteWorkBoy ALWAYS makes a point of speaking to me whether he’s coming or going, even though my office is in an odd location and therefore easy to ignore. Each time, I find myself saying “Hey!” in a bright and terribly uncreative fashion. (You can take the girl out of the south…) Today, as I chirped my 384th “Hey,” it occurred to me that I need to respond with something more clever and conducive to conversation. Possible candidates include:

  • “Whud up dogg?”
  • “Lookin’ good cute-aayyyyy!”
  • “Wanna make out in the copy room?”

Suggestions please!


One Response to “New Material”

  1. tacofish Says:

    Make up an argument you would have with a friend. Say… “Ruffles and Wavy Lays are/are not the exact same chips”… Put yourself on one side of the issue or the other. Just make sure it is a totally asinine argument. Then, as the guy walks by to say “Hi”…

    YOU: “Hey, wait a minute!”

    GUY: “Yeah?”

    YOU: “Have you ever had a Ruffle?”

    GUY: “What do you mean? Like the chips?”

    At this point, you need to tell about your “disagreement” with your friend. But I’m telling you, if you ask something totally off the wall like that, it will get him to stop and talk. Or think you are a weirdo. But if he gets it, you’re golden.

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