Assist This Biznatch

For the last few semesters, I’ve been partnered with another instructor for most of my workshops. We work in a team-teaching environment. The instructor leads the class and fields questions. Our classes are hands on so each participant works at a computer. To keep them on track, the assistant loiters at the back of the classroom and helps when necessary. I really like the guy I’m paired with. He’s very relaxed and laid back. He often assists when I teach Web development classes and I assist when he teaches Excel classes. I’m assisting him this morning for our beginning Excel class and although I LOVE teaching, assisting is another matter. It requires SOOO much patience and quick problem-solving skills because people manage to get into some odd predicaments. Since this is a beginning class, we have a few students who can’t even double-click very well. On the outside, I’m your Patient, Friendly, Helpful Assistant Mymsie. On the inside, I impatiently curse the bad double-clickers and their spawn and their spawn’s spawn and their little dogs too! Bwahahahahaaha!! Er, um, I’m sorry. Did you have a question?

I’m psyched because after class I’m heading over to the Penrod Art Fair to volunteer with Lean. After that, I might read or take Abbs for a walk or study my navel, like I did last night. Well, that’s not entirely honest. *lowers eyes in shame* Last night I really held down the couch and watched a special episode of What Not To Wear on TLC. They made over three contestants from the 1986 Miss South Carolina pageant, one of whom was the winner. They all competed again for the title of 2006 Miss Pageant Rewind. Even though it’s been 20 years, the original winner was still lovely and smiley and floofy and perfect. (Bitch.) She won again too. I felt bad for the other two women; one seemed pretty bitter despite the fact that all three women appear to have fared post-pageant life very well. The winner said she would definitely do it all again in another 20 years. I can only pray I WON’T be watching then too.


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