B’s Visit: The Final Hours

After our shopping marathon last Saturday, B and I were pretty tired. We decided to chill a bit before going out. While I showered and relaxed, B ended up taking the Goose to a suit store to get a new tux. He apparently ripped the crotch of his old tuxedo pants. HOT!

By the time he returned, I was feeling fresh and frisky. We headed to dinner at Bazbeaux Pizza, which is one of B’s fave restaurants in Indy. They have yummy pizza with unique toppings. We sat outside on the deck and lingered over the most delicious cheesy garlic bread and then a Greek-style pizza with feta, olives, artichoke hearts, and pesto sauce. We also gawked at some keyyy-ooot boys, including a waiter who I initially thought was sort of scraggly, but with whom I later wanted to make out.

By the time we were halfway through our meal, B had raved about the new jeans he was wearing numerous times. It’s his first pair with a little stretch in them and he couldn’t get over what a difference it makes. I was all, “Oh I’m Mymsie. I don’t wear any fabric containing less than 10% lycra, unkay?” and he was all “Oh I’m B. Where have I been? SPANDEX IS GOD!”

After we paid admittedly well-deserved homage to stretchy goodness, we headed to the theatre to see The Illusionist. I was GIDDY with excitement because:

  3. Period pieces rock.
  4. Magic is fancy.
  5. I was interested to see if Jessica Biel could manage anything more than her less-than challenging role on the WB hit show, 7th Heaven.

Twenty minutes into the movie, B leaned over and said he was bored, but nowhere near as bored as he was when we saw The Manchurian Candidate remake and left halfway through. After I stabbed him in the eye with my straw, I told him to quit interrupting Ed and get Mommy a refill. I can acknowledge that the beginning of the movie was a bit slow but I loved it. You indirectly got to know the characters by watching them live and interact in their normal settings, all while little bits of turmoil began to pop up like kernels bursting in a hot pan of pop corn.

Ed Norton did a fantastic job. He was perfect for the role of a sensitive, brooding, more-than-meets-the-eye magician with a troubled past and a loyal heart. Jessica Biel wasn’t too bad. She did a GREAT job with her accent. I got the feeling that she’d had a lot of guidance from the director. Hers was a respectable performance.

If you like complex characters and a plot with surprises, you’ll enjoy The Illusionist. If you don’t, you’re dead to me and don’t ever show your face here again! 😉

After the show, B and I planned to go out in Broad Ripple but the B was tired so we retired to the steamy womb of my apartment.

Did you know that B sleeps on his tummy? I didn’t either, which is why Saturday night, he lugged my gigantic down comforter to the floor and slept there, instead of on the couch, where it’s apparently difficult to get into a comfy on-your-tummy position.

B said his flight left around 10 a.m. Sunday morning so we decided to leave the house at 8 a.m. I had seen his itinerary and thought his flight didn’t leave until later but he assured me otherwise. I carefully set the alarm on my mobile phone. B hadn’t used that feature on his Razr before and was impressed to take advantage of it.

The stirring rings of our phones roused us early. B’s a morning person so he showered and packed with a chipper song and a bounce in his step. I grunted, threw a jacket on over my pajamas, and grabbed my keys. Before we left, B checked his flight schedule print out and grinned sheepishly. “I knew it,” I cackled. Turns out his flight was two hours later than he thought. All was well because that meant we had time to get breakfast at a quaint place downtown called The Canary Cafe. Their pancakes were so rich and buttery. Other than panicing when a bee briefly stalked us, we just chatted and remarked on how cool we are. I’d meant to take more piccies during B’s visit, so I snapped a few before we left, including this charming close up:

B & Me

Don’t you love B’s new Prada glasses and my new, not-Prada sunglasses? 😀

B casually lead me around the streets of Indy AND to the airport like a cartographer CHAMP. This is noteworthy because he generally is in the directions brown group like me, and yet somehow, his savant-like brain managed to store certain bits of Indianapolis GPS data.

After I dropped B off at the ‘port, I headed home and spent the rest of the day relaxing and finding stray quarters around my apartment. It was a grand visit and I truly was stung. We talked about Lean, B, and I spending Thanksgiving together in Chicago – how much fun would that be?


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