Why Is Everyone Clapping & Shouting?

Last night Lean informed me that a friend of hers had some yucky boy drama this weekend and needed a night out with the girls. Since the Colts were playing, we decided to go to a sports bar to watch the game and join in on the revelry. The first bar we tried was PACKED, so we ended up at Moe & Johnny’s. There were tons of people there too, but we managed to find a good spot. I won’t lie. I didn’t even know who the Colts were playing, but I’m always game for a girls’ night out. Plus lately I’ve been thinking I sometimes isolate myself too much and should go out more.

It was the first time I’d donned lip gloss all weekend, so I thought I’d snap a pic. Little did I know that my camera was set to take black and white shots.


At the bar, we all had drinks and chatted. Lean’s friend is very sweet. She said I have nice skin and that I must be smart. I sure fooled her!

During the game, when people clapped and screamed, I got a little scared. I actually like watching some sports, ACC basketball in particular, but I haven’t been to an event like that in awhile. People were eating pizza, belching, and drinkin’ like prohibition was going into effect the next morning. I had fun people watching. I was especially amused by Guy Who Walks Past You But Is Super Touchy Feely and Caresses You In A More Than I’m-Just-A-Random-Guy-Passing-By Way, Followed By A Coy Over-The-Shoulder Glance. He was cute though.

After M & J’s, I headed to Lean’s to see her new couch. It’s very nice and comfy looking. We chatted with Kumquat, her shady-but-sweet neighbor. Since the fire at Lean’s apartment complex, hot construction workers have been doing all sorts of work there. Apparently one of them bought Kumquat a Colt’s jersey and $80 worth of groceries last week, in an apparent attempt to woo her. He’s in the midst of a divorce and she has a boyfriend, but hey, it’s all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out.

On the way home from Lean’s, I had my 43rd allergy-induced sneezing fit for the weekend. I was trying to maintain control of the car and somehow twisted my neck. It hurts like a mother! I didn’t sleep at all last night because I couldn’t get into a comfortable position. Who twists their neck sneezing? I’m such a pimp! Any ideas for less-pathetic ways I can tell people I was injured?


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