Of Note

  • Early Sunday morning, B proudly received a citation for public urination. Reach for the stars!
  • After work last night, I went to the grocery store and gathered all sorts of fresh produce for a veggie-laden soup I’m planning to make. Naturally, I chose the checkout line that would come to be known as “For Suckers Only.” After enduring multiple customers ahead of me, none of whom took advantage of their wait time by making their Kroger Plus cards OR payments ready for a quick hand off to the cashier, *gasps for breath* I waited for nearly 20 minutes while the family in front of me attempted to sort out a ridiculously complicated gift card debacle. Spinach was flung, meat was returned, and lo, it was finally my turn. By the time my groceries were bagged, the sky had opened and begun spitting forth a great scourge of torrential, acerbic rain.
  • My heart melts every day when I get home from work and without fail, Abby performs her happy dance. She flops on her back and rolls around on the carpet, playfully biting at her bone, snorting, and tapping her paws in the air:
    Abby Showing Her Belly
  • Furry bellies are soft.
  • I must have this charming tea set. Please commence the sending of donations to mymsie@paypal.com.
  • This is a great Q & A with Catherine Keener, who I think is a terrific actress. I especially loved her in Friends With Money. Who knew about her fascination with nuns and the wispy but omnipresent Catholic-stained veil through which she views the world?
  • Before The Illusionist, I saw a preview for a movie called Infamous. Much like Capote, for which Philip Seymour Hoffman won an Oscar, it tells the story of how Truman Capote came to write In Cold Blood. This duplicity puzzles me, but director Douglas McGrath said Capote didn’t affect his work. Its inclusion in the Venice Film Festival and star-studded cast lead me to believe it’s a viable work of art, boasting Hollywood heavy hitters like Sandra Bullock, Jeff Daniels, Sigourney Weaver, and Daniel Craig. It also features the jazzy croons of Gwyneth Paltrow as singer Kitty Dean. I’ll be curious to see how the films stack up to one another.
  • Check out the Belt Buckle TV, a disturbing combination of fashion, entertainment, mobility, and immediacy.
  • I got a very nice e-mail from Bernard. He’s doing well, but is having trouble meeting people because he can’t hang out with enlisted peeps. He’s moving to a horizontal unit, (huhuhuhuh _unit_) which he said means he’ll get three-day weekends and should be able to see me more often. Sweet, but typical mixed-message sending Bernard.
  • After I made chicken piccata for dinner last night, I helped B edit his professional bio. It was important to properly extol his accomplishments and versatility, conveying that he definitely is not the type of person who’d get a citation for public urination.

One Response to “Of Note”

  1. A-frame Says:

    Still haven’t gone to bed. Did you love the Illusionist or what?

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