Advice Needed

Last night around 9 p.m., I decided to get gas so I wouldn’t to this morning. I crept out of my apartment complex but the coast wasn’t clear so I stopped. A few moments later, I was rear ended by a bright yellow Mustang. This gangly kid jumped out and started apologizing right away. He looked about 20-years-old, was very well groomed, and called me ma’am. He said he was talking on his phone and thought I’d already pulled out. He carefully rubbed his hand across my fender and declared it a “love tap.” The damage isn’t terrible, but there is definitely a scratch. Since my car is new, I’ll be driving it for many years, so I’d like to have it repaired.

I asked the kid for his insurance info and he quickly gave me his card. Naturally, his insurance is in his Mommy’s name. I wrote down all the information, including his insurance agent’s name, his Mommy’s name, his name, and his phone number. Before he left, he asked me to get an estimate and call him with the amount. He said he’d give me the money and asked me to please not go through his insurance. I’m assuming he’s had a lot of accidents. I’ve “tapped” people before, so I’m not a perfect driver. I don’t want to screw this kid over, but I also don’t want this to bite me in the ass later. Also my friends are telling me horror stories about people in situations like this who when pressed, denied they were even involved in an accident. Should I go through this kid or stick with the proper channels?


One Response to “Advice Needed”

  1. PastaQueen Says:

    Okay, maybe I *don’t* wish I had your problems. Personally, I’m a by-the-book person so I’d go through the insurance. If he’s had a lot of accidents or he just doesn’t want his mom to find out, tough cookies. I saw an episode of MythBusters that showed that talking on a cell phone while driving was just as dangerous as drunk driving. Of course, if he lives in your apartment complex that might create an awkward situation. I dunno. I know, that helps a lot 🙂

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