Am Samstag

Saturday was busy and full, but loads of fun. I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning. I don’t want to give away too many personal details, so I’ll just say that someone’s having her tail removed soon! ūüėČ

After my appointment, I had a much needed hair cut at Brunette in Broad Ripple. I love my my stylist, Deanna. She’s does a great job and is such a sweet, kind soul. If you’re in the area and looking for someone good, give her a buzz. You too could end up with a coif this bangin’:

After My Hair Cut

I have bangs again – side, wispy ones. And all the yucky, dead ends are gone. In the last year, like never before, I’ve had a persistent problem with split ends. My scalp gets oily but my ends are so dry. I’ve tried only shampooing my roots and only conditioning my ends but it doesn’t seem to help. In May, Deana suggested I try the Cellophane treatment. It’s supposed to seal the cuticle and make your hair shiny and nice, but it didn’t do much beyond my initial visit. This time, we tried a new fruit acid exfoliation treatment. It’s only been a few days but my hair still feels very soft. Only time will tell, but I’ll keep you posted. One of the great things about Brunette is that they gave me the first treatment free to see if it helps. How nice is that? They’re smart enough to know that if it works, I’ll definitely pay for it every few months.

After my hair cut, I rushed downtown for my volunteer shift at the Irish Festival. As usual, I had a ball. I worked with two guys who were really sweet and fun. One was quite a bit older, but that didn’t stop him¬†from gettin’ down to Gael Sli (who totally ROCKED). The other guy’s daughter was one of the dancers. We got to see part of her performance from the sidelines and she did a fantastic job. I love watching Irish dancing. I couldn’t even keep my arms that still just standing in place.

I also worked with this HYSTERICAL security guard who had the demeanor of Florence from The Jeffersons. When you’re a volunteer, there’s only so much you can do to stop people from trying to sneak in without paying, but she was not afraid to put the smack down. She was bustin’ people left and right. And people did come up with some lame excuses. They provide¬†drinksand snacks for the volunteers so we had 3 or 4 bottles of water on the table. One lady tried to sneak in and when we caught her she said she walked past us because she thought we were just selling water. NICE TRY! A lot of teenagers tried to slink in and then acted like stoners when we asked to see their tickets. Fortunately, the weather and atmosphere were too perfect to let dodgy people get me down. I had a great time.

I saw all sorts of yummy vittles. I watched jealously as one of the volunteers and the security guard gobbled down heaping mounds of bangers and mash. Oh lord, it looked and smelled SO good. We heard rumors that the stew was heavenly too.

The only regretful moment came when I decided to use a portalet. I so despise them that I haven’t partaken of their services in years and quickly remembered why. UGH UGH UGH UGH. Is there anything more foul and disgusting than a steamy box meant to store fetid human waste and bear a vanity mirror on its door?

Oooo I forgot to mention that one of the lead volunteer guys did a very nice thing. He¬†came driving¬†past in¬†a golf cart and asked if we needed anything. I told him we¬†could use¬†more programs, water, and a few martinis.¬†They were out of programs and water, but he grinned and said he’d see what he could do. About 10 minutes later he came¬†zooming up to our table with a big bag full of bottles of water he’d somehow managed to scrounge up. VERY sweet. He was a cutie too. It pays to volunteer!¬†

Next year, I need to factor in more time to wander around and enjoy the festivities. Lean and I had plans Saturday evening, so when my volunteer shift finished, I had to rush home, shower, preen, and head to the Slippery Noodle Inn for blues music. 

I started off with a cranberry and vodka and ended up with a $40+ bill. Can you believe that shiznit?? $17 of it was beer for Lean and the rest was three Malibu and pineapple¬†cocktails for me. That is an embarrassing cocktail to order, but I hate the taste of alcohol. The cranberry and vodka was too strong. I was definitely buzzin’ after my three¬†girly-man drinks.

There were tons of people from Lean’s office there and they are a super fun bunch. I ended up chatting with this fun girl who used to work at Lean’s office. We were mean and picked on a guy¬†we decided to¬†call Rico Suave. He had on the CHEESIEST Miami Vice suit, dark shades, a gold necklace, pointy shoes, and one of those ear bud phones with a fancy light on it. We speculated that he was only getting calls from Grandma. Poor Rico.

One of Lean’s friends brought Hans, who’s German. Of course Lean told him my minor at IU was German. Since I was tipsy and I’ve never been to Germany, I was waaaaaay too nervous to talk to him. He was cute, but I kept¬†psyching myself out of chatting with him. Instead I gawked from a distance and conjugated the past participle forms of the German verbs ‘to swim’ and ‘to knit.’

I’m not a huge blues fan but the music was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. You can’t not get into it. I would definitely like to go again.

Afterward, I headed home and crashed. I had forgotten how well you sleep when you’ve had a few drinks. That’s probably a good thing.

P.S. All throughout the day, as I was driving hither and yon, I listened to the Ditty Bops CD my Mom got my for my birthday. It’s enchanting! My favorite track so far is #9. I love the lyrics and the lovely, rolling harmonies. *coo*


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