I Know You Want My Cookies

Baddest Cookies AroundI recently found a yummy-looking recipe and since it’s been so chilly and blustery this week, last night seemed like the perfect time to throw a little FutureSex/LoveSounds in the jukebox and bake a batch of delicious-yet-healthy banana chocolate chip cookies.

I’ve never baked with whole wheat flour but I love whole wheat bread and the like. I don’t like bananas, in part due to their consistency. My Mom advised me that the banana flavor would be very subtle but that I could replace the banana with applesauce or even grated beets. She said she used beets in recipes for me when I was little and that I loved it. Apparently you can’t really tell flavor wise. The telltale pink, of course, gives away the dirty secret. I’d prefer not to spend an evening grating beets (though I’m grateful to my Mom for any beet grating she did on my behalf), so I decided to stick to the recipe the first time out.

Since I don’t like yellow devil fruit, I’d never bought any, and didn’t really know how to pick a good one. At the grocery store, I approached the ‘nanas with disdain. I grabbed a nearby specimen and did some requisite thumping and sniffing. The recipe calls for one cup of mashed banana, so I debated about whether I would need one or two. After inspecting the impressive shaft of the banana I’d selected, I was convinced I’d only need one so I tossed it into my cart and continued about my business.

At home, I preheated my oven and proudly gathered all the ingredients into a herd. As she does anytime I cook, Abby perched on the outskirts of the kitchen, carefully positioned to catch any crumbs or bits of vittles that may lose their way.

I mixed everything together, meticulously following the directions. I particularly enjoyed mashing the ‘nana. Abby’s never had a taste of one so I gave her a little bite. She seemed indifferent but not disgusted. (What a great slogan for bananas!)

Much to my dismay, I found that once smashed, the banana only came to 1/2-cup. A few weeks ago, I bought individual servings of apple sauce. “Maybe there’s one left,” I thought hopefully. I rummaged around my fridge but came up empty handed. I’d just about decided to head to the grocery store to buy another banana when I found an almost empty jar of apple sauce. It contained just about a 1/2-cup. Yay!

I finished the recipe off with 2 cups of chocolate chips. It takes a strong-armed lady to stir cookie batter! Baking is good for your biceps.

I inadvertently made the cookies a bit smaller than the recipe intended for the first few batches. Once I realized, I compensated and quickly polished off the batter. Big or small, these cookies are delish. I couldn’t detect any banana or apple flavor. They taste like soft, chewy, wheaty chocolate chip cookies. There is a teensy aftertaste from the Splenda, but other than that, they’re awesome. I brought some into work and got a few compliments. I’ll definitely make them again. For special occasions, I might use sugar instead of Splenda and rub the batter all over my naked body as I bounce wildly on a trampoline surrounded by hot…um…er…right. Well…stay in school kids!

P.S. I JT’s new album. What a soulful, dynamic compilation, piqued with slammin’ beats and surprising transitions. I have two favorite songs so far. The first is …What Goes Around…Comes Around. It’s positively dripping with the most irresistible sitar samples. The song is a “Why’d you do me wrong?” croon to a past luvah. Wonder who he’s singin’ to? 😉 “I was ready to give you my name,” he laments. God, his falsetto is AMAZING.

My second favorite is Losing My Way. It reminds me of something India.Arie or John Legend might write. You hear the familiar tale of a good man who’s lost his way. He’s desperate for some sign he’s not alone. It’s profound but very accessible. The song finishes with the moving, voluminous anthem of a gospel choir.

This kid has incredible poise, understanding, and mastery of song and verse for a wee 25-year-old. When his first album came out, I loved every inch of it but was embarrassed to voice that because of his pop label. Now I cannot deny he is a true and deserving artist and it is I who was the poseur.


One Response to “I Know You Want My Cookies”

  1. michelle/weaker vessel Says:

    Sing it, sister-friend! You are so right. He is a damn pop genius, and I don’t care who hears me say it! Thanks for the link, and thanks for reading!

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