Funky Friday

At 4:29 p.m. on Friday, I grabbed my purse and scurried out of my office as quickly as I could without attracting too much attention. There were several points in the afternoon when I thought I might have to make up an excuse to leave early. I felt antsy and frustrated and generally icky. By the time I got home, I just wanted to draw the blinds, curl into the fetal position, and nap for a few hours. Lean and I had planned to hang out and watch Kinky Boots, but we both needed to recharge with a nap first. (How old are we again?) I slept until around 8 p.m. and then hit a few video stores trying to find a copy of Kinky Boots. Unfortunately, I came up empty handed time and again. I finally gave up and headed over to Lean’s, figuring we could chat and just watch something on demand.

The moment I walked through Lean’s apartment door, I exploded like a freshly-corked bottle of bubbly champagne, overflowing with frustrations that had built up throughout the week. We commiserated for a good hour, after which I felt MUCH better.

After The Great Psychic Purge of 2006, we took advantage of Lean’s digital cable and watched a few previews for upcoming movies. I am terribly excited for The Departed. Holy balls, it looks like it’s going to be AMAZING. The trailer gives me chills! I’ve already heard Oscar buzz about Matt Damon’s performance but from the preview, I have a feeling Leonardo Dicaprio is going to steal the show. He seems especially intense and arrant. We’ll see!

We ended up watching Something New, which Lean had already seen and really liked. It’s about an African American lawyer, Kenya, who starts dating her white landscaper, Brian. Kenya faces the wrath of her friends and family for seeking love outside of her race. The tension mounts as they grow closer and try to negotiate the realities of multi-racial relationships. It’s a sweet movie, if not a bit simplistic in its portrayal but who cares because Simon Baker is brutally hot. 😉 Snaps to him for doing a great job concealing his Australian accent.


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