Please Welcome Mumford to the Neighborhood!

I’d have a picture of Mumford to accompany this post if I weren’t a hardware savant. It all started when I wanted to rip the Thumbsucker soundtrack onto my laptop. I put the disc in the drive, but Windows Media Player didn’t recognize it. I opened the disc drive and nothing was there. The disc disappeared into the bowels of my ‘top! I tried to retrieve it but failed horribly. People sometimes assume that because I’m a Web developer, I know a lot about hardware but I don’t, nor do I care to. I brought my laptop to work. My plan is to flutter my lashes at a nice IT boy I know and ask him to help me. He had some of my cookies last week and seemed to enjoy them – if necessary, I’ll remind him of that fact.

Since we’re discussing my hardware ineptitude and ripping CDs, I have a few questions:

  1. Should I backup all my music CDs?
    • If so, where in the hell should I store all that data? A friend of a friend tried to rip all of her CDs onto her desktop computer and practically killed it.
  2. If one of my CDs is really scratched up and I try to copy it, will the scratches cause problems?
  3. What if I smell burning?

What does all this have to do with Mumford? I snapped some pics of him and loaded them onto my laptop. However, with the CD still trapped, I don’t want to use my laptop and accidentally worsen the situation so for the meantime, Mumford’s stills are stuck.

And who is Mumford, you ask? He’s the spider who’s taken up residence on my deck. And he’s no minuscule mite. He’s a big mother. I discovered him a few nights ago. Lean came over last night and beheld him. She looked closely and determined he has a blue stripe on his belly. *shudder* What type of beast is this? Any ideas? I’ll try to provide piccies soon.

His web is pretty impressive. I accidentally tore part of it but Lean and I went for a power walk with Abbs and by the time we’d returned, he’d repaired it and added on a wet bar. Despite his mad web skillz, he creeps me out. He can stay though, as long as he doesn’t try to attack me or Abbs.

Before our walk, Lean and I watched Nova: Mystery of the Megavolcano. I love watching volcano documentaries. This one was interesting and a bit scary. Did you know that Yellowstone National Park sits atop a megavolcano? Four Manhattans could fit inside it. FOUR. If it erupted, a third of the United States would be essentially uninhabitable for at least a few months and maybe longer. Mind boggling. Get out your old REM tapes!


One Response to “Please Welcome Mumford to the Neighborhood!”

  1. PastaQueen Says:

    I use Exact Audio Copy to rip my CD’s, though it was slightly tricky setting up the LAME MP3 encoder to work with it (but it’s supposed to be one of the best encoders around). EAC gives you a little report after you rip your CD to alert you to any possible errors that might have occured, like on a scratched CD, so you can then go listen to the MP3 and hear if it sounds okay. If your CD is REALLY scratched up, it may cause the program to stall out on it, but I was able to rip a song from a CD that I was never able to listen to on my CD player because of a scratch. It also accesses one of those CD databases and automatically fills in the CD information which saves a lot of time.

    I have a fairly new computer and ripped everything to my 120gb hard drive. The amount of space your CD’s will take up will depend on the bit rate at which you encode the MP3s, but I’d guess I ripped 200 CDs at 160 vbrs into 30gb. It took at least a week or two, but now whenever I buy a CD the first thing I do is rip it. I keep all my music in one humongous playlist in WinAmp which has at least 10,000 songs or more. I would suggest you not be doing anything else on your computer while you’re ripping since it’s writing to the hard drive and using CPU cycles to compress.

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