Finally I Want To Do Some Work

For the past few weeks, I’ve felt more like blogging than working but today I’ve wanted to code rather than blog. I’m finally making significant progress on the new site design I’ve been working on. I’m getting excited about it, but I still have tons left to do. My boss and I talked yesterday and he told me about several looming deadlines. I think that was the impetus I needed. As seems to often be the case, I work better under pressure.

Unfortunately, I haven’t touched my freelance Web work in a few weeks, which is bad bad bad. I’ll be burning the proverbial midnight oil this weekend, hopefully in time to keep from irritating my delightful-up-until-now clients.

Mumford is still hangin’ around. He disappeared for awhile during yesterday’s hellacious storm, but once the rain cleared, he scurried back to his web and busied himself with the seemingly never ending work of a newly relocated spider. Of the 37 photos I took of him, two might be admissible in court. I’m still very curious what flavor he is, so if you recognize his kind, lemme know.

Last night after a miscommunication, Ern and I eventually ended up at the same theatre and saw Hollywoodland. It’s about the death of the original Superman, George Reeves. The police ruled it a suicide but the story is VERY, VERY sketchy. Reeves had just broken off an engagement to Leonore Lemmon, a saucy, irreverent, over-the-top New Yorker. Before that, he was having an affair with Toni Mannix, wife of MGM bigwig, Eddie Mannix. The movie portrays all of these players as possible suspects, leaving the viewer to draw her own conclusions. For me, the stand out actor was Adrien Brody. He plays Louis Simo, a smarmy but loveable (fictitious) private detective investigating the case. He wants to do the right thing in spite of himself. Brody was very well suited for that roll and did a fantastic job. Diane Lane gave a great performance as Toni Mannix. She perfectly captured the selfish, volatile, needy mistress. After watching the movie, I want to read online to find out more about the case. I have so many questions. Very dodgy indeed!


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