Another Glimpse At Brilliance

Ern and I are going to see The Guardian tonight. It’s about a hardened, stoic veteran who’s training a group of young, inexperienced Coast Guard rescue swimmers. Looking dashing and heroic, they’ll encounter rough waters and difficult choices. Undoubtedly these brave lads will fare handsomely. The movie might be cheesy, but it looks interesting and I like variations on themes of this nature, so we’re giving it a chance. Also Sela Ward’s in it and she’s from the south like me so she rules.

Below, Ern’s and my mid-afternoon conversation regarding the movie, well…sort of:

Me: I’ve decided I’m bringing a whistle and a whataucallit, one of those round things with a hole in it that you use to save people, to the movie tonight, just in case

Me: life preserver?

Me: Nice bad life guard

Me: Right, a whistle and a life preserver, and I won’t be afraid to blow it (the whistle that is) during the movie if I sense danger

Ern: 🙂

Me: God what is wrong with me that I didn’t know what that was called.

Ern: You’re senile

Me: Maybe that fish gave me his tumah

Me: Maybe Mumford is poinsoning me

Ern: Maybe you have ick

Me: Oh no! How can you tell?

Ern: Do you have any white spots?

Ern: Do your feet stink?

Me: Just purples ones

Ern: Do you crave turnips

Ern: Uh OH. Purple spots!

Me: I crave gin and big cookie

Ern: You have Uck!

Me: Eeeeeeeeeeeeks

Ern: It can be cured

Ern: Eat 2 radishes and call Dr. Phil in the morning

Me: Will the spots go away eventually?

Ern: After they bloom into turnip blossoms and spread their spores. Then they will go away


DON’T FORGET: The Departed comes out tomorrow and it looks like it’s going to be incredible!


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