Retail Therapy

After work last night, I decided a little shoe shopping was in order. Upon entering the shoe sto’, I immediately spotted my prize. *cue soft lilting of cherubic choir*

New Kicks

So cute! I cautiously eyed the neatly-stacked rows of shoe boxes wondering if my size might be available and lo, it was. Once I freed the right box, I carefully opened it and spied the sassy kicks. The smell of their newness wafted about as I traced my finger along their delicate stippling. By the time I’d slipped them onto my hooves and taken a few steps, I knew they’d be mine, ALL MINE. Bwahahahahahahahahaa! I left the shoe store flushed and spent but satisfied.

After shopping, I headed home to finish my laundry and do a bit of cleaning. Lean came over later for the season premier of Lost. I missed quite a lot last season, but she filled me in on the important details. I stopped watching because it got pretty freaky, although last night it seemed relatively innocuous. Last season there were some mental health threads. Due to my Dad’s illness, that kind of stuff often hits too close to home for me. If that happens again, I’ll just rent a porno to watch instead.

I saw you peak up at my shoes just now – BUSTED! 


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