News of Mumford

Last night I stepped out onto my patio to enjoy the cool night air. I hadn’t checked on Mumford in awhile, so I peered up at his web. Its shape is totally different now. It’s more of a triangle and Mumfie is nowhere to be seen. I also noticed some other webs in a few corners here and there. Has Mumfie moved? Did he encounter bully spiders? Did he not like the accommodations? Did he find another spider’s silk in the bathroom sink? Did the TV remote not work? Even though he kind of freaked me out, I miss him.

Just so you know, while you and I have been studying our navels, the incredibly talented Joaquin Phoenix has been shooting scenes for a new movie. Undoubtedly it will turn out to be an amazing film, despite the questionable beard he’s been forced to sport.

In other news, Ed Norton.

A few weeks ago, I saw All the King’s Men with AZBad. I haven’t read Robert Penn Warren‘s book or seen the original movie, but I read a bit online about both and was very intrigued. Before I saw the film, I read a less-than-favorable review and started to worry. When I met AZB, I told her about the bad review but we decided to take it with a grain of salt, especially considering the stellar cast and great material. After seeing the movie, I was STUNNED. It was GREAT – such a whirlwind of ups and downs and unexpected twists and turns, which can be hard to come by these days. I still have so many questions; I need to see it again. It’s loaded with beautiful metaphors that aren’t thrown in your face. In my opinion, Sean Penn is an actor not of our generation. He’s simply brilliant. He really acts with his whole being. However, I felt the standout was Jude Law. At the beginning of the movie, I hated his character and the way he portrayed him but by the end, I was in awe (in awe with Law [poet!] [could I be more clever?] [nice parenthetical action, right?]). I smell a best-supporting actor nod. He did a fantastic job. He sank right into that role and wallowed around like a pig in mud – I couldn’t take my eyes off him! I can’t wait to read the book.


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