The Woman In My Shoe

I let Oakie talk me into seeing The Woman in Black (the play adapted from the novel) on Friday the 13th at the Brown County Playhouse in Nashville. We were running a bit late due to my poor time management skillz and some yucky traffic but managed to arrive only a few minutes after the play started. A rather self important usher exaggerated the severity of our tardiness, rasping in a haughty whisper, “Lots of people are late tonight!” We were thus relegated to the back of the theatre and told to find our proper seats at intermission. Fortunately, the playhouse is spacious and very informal so nearly all the seats afford the theatre-goer a great view.

I was a little confused at first but finally caught on to the plot. The story takes place in boggy Victorian-era England where Arthur Kipps seeks an actor to play out the ghost story he’s written based on his own experiences at a mysterious residence in eastern England called the Eel Marsh House. There he was meant to settle the estate of Mrs. Alice Drablow but discovers other macabre secrets when he repeatedly encounters a mysterious, dreadful woman in black. Kipps learns more of the shadowy figure as the pieces of this tragic story fall into place. There’s even a twist at the end of the play.

It was a fun play. Some of the scary parts were actually kind of funny but some were legit scary. The woman in black was creepy! She wore impressive high-heeled black boots and a lacy, black table-cloth dealy. Oakie and I decided that once we were alone and walking from our respective cars to our respective abodes, if the woman in black tried to get us, we’d take advantage of her form-over-function footwear choice and trip her so we could make a quick get away. Aren’t we clever minx? *beam*


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