Holy Baked Apples Batman

I’m thankful to report that this week has been better than last. I’ve spent a good deal of time going back and forth with the ‘rents, trying to make plans for Christmas. We decided that they will come here. I’m really, really excited to see them and to have a warm, cozy apartment filled with some family WUV. There may be a spat here and there but though everything we’ve gone through with my brother in recent months has sucked ass, it’s also drawn us a lot closer and made us appreciate one another. Hold me!

Last night I watched Lost at Lean’s. Girrrrrrrl, that’s show is a roller coaster! Did you watch? I have so many questions. Where are they going with this ‘Desmond can see into the future’ deal? And how creepy was Locke’s dream sequence? I hope the episodes don’t get too much more scary. I’m such a wimp. I inferred that Locke did end up killing the cop later but Lean didn’t think so. I triple-chocolate-dip LOVE Hurley. He’s so sweet. I need to look up more about polar bears today. What does it all mean? Stay tuned for next week’s all new episode of Lost!

To welcome fall, I tried this baked apples recipe last night, minus the butter. Since the recipe only calls a 1/4-cup of chopped pecans and 1/4-cup of brown sugar spread between four apples, it’s a relatively low-fat and low-cal dish but it’s sweet, hearty, and satisfying. I didn’t pay close enough attention to one part of the recipe. I cored the apples but didn’t make the holes big enough to cram in all the yummy stuffing so I had to leave some out. The apples were still delicious. I basted them twice during baking but next time might add in an extra bastage (making up words is fun.) I brought Lean a warm apple and she snarfed it up. Mmmmm mmm mmm!

P.S. The recipe suggests you have an apple on top of a scoop of¬†vanilla ice cream – sooooooooo tempting but by the power of Poseidon’s trident I was able to resist.


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