Yesterday was dear sweet Lean’s b-day, so Moxy and I did a bit of plotting and scheming in preparation. Poor Lean was feelin’ bummed on Saturday, but her Mom came from the Ft. for a visit Sunday, which I think helped cheer her up. Meanwhile, back at my hive, I decided to bake. I had planned to try this recipe last weekend but ended up merely turning on the oven light, peering into the cavernous heat cave, and scratching my head. Moxy suggested we get some cupcakes for Lean’s b-day, which was the perfect excuse I needed to bake. I made these chocolate sour cream cupcakes and girrrrrrrrrl, they were yummy, if I do say so myself. You just can’t go wrong when sugar, butter, sour cream, and 3 ounces of chocolate are involved. This was my first time melting chocolate in a make-shift double boiler, but I’ve seen it done lots of times so the process went very smoothly. To ensure a felicitous result, I even bought a fancy stainless steel whisk. (Don’t covet my equipment.) The cupcake batter was so light and fluffy and luscious, it’s a miracle any made it into the oven!

Once the cupcakes have cooled, you’re supposed to slice the tops off them, add a layer of icing between the cupcake top and bottom, and pipe icing on top, but I don’t have piping bags or icing supplies so I just iced the tops of the ‘cakes. I may or may not have consumed two to three cups of icing during this process.

We ended up having a mini-celebration at Lean’s last night. I got her The Audacity of Hope (more on that later) and Moxy got her a Gloria Steinem book, a mini-bonsai kit, and a cute hand-painted mug. We munched cupcakes, watched Sex and the City, and talked about smelly boys. It was a fun fete!


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