A Month of Saturdays

I haven’t blogged about all the fun I’ve had the last few Saturdays and I’m sure you’re dying to know what I’ve been up to, so here goes:

  • Three Saturdays ago I had a fun girls’ night out. Lean’s long-time friend K-dogg came into town from the Ft. so we, including Miss Moxy, all went to Midtown Grill for cocktails. I’d never been there but was excited to check it out because it’s one of Lean’s local faves for special occasions. We hung out in the bar – despite it’s cool vibe we found the staff a bit cold and aloof. We were a’drinkin’ earlier than most of the cool kids, so maybe they thought we were lame and wouldn’t give them good tips. Our waitress was from Romania (I suppose she still is – yuk yuk) and although she succeeded in perfectly playing the part of the waify, exotic, ill-fed urchin, she failed to subscribe to the normal waitress/customer paradigm. For example, rather than asking if we’d like drinks or refills, she instead chose to giggle absentmindedly and flirt with Smarmy McSmarmington, the gel-haired, Diesel-jeaned bartender. When we left, she managed a profound utterance along the lines of “You leave now when everyone comes.” Deep…
    • Despite near ceaseless loyalty to my new favorite drink, cranberry and vodka, I opted to try one of MG’s cocktails called The Diva. I can’t remember what it was supposed to taste like but do recall being surprised by its flavor. Moxy slurped The Diva as well and wisely detected notes of cider. Odd for a cocktail, no?
    • After drinks, we all tromped back to Lean’s to paint our nails and watch The Ladies Man. Moxy and I picked a sexy dark red color for our talons and it brought all the boys to our yard – rawr!
  • Two Saturdays ago Abbs and I went for a nice walk, only notable because the weather was crisp and autumnal. Then Lean and I saw The Prestige, which I’d been anticipating for weeks. It was well worth the wait. It’s the story of two magicians and the fatal consequences of their bitter, lifelong rivalry. The movie was loaded with suspense and drama – you truly don’t know what’s next. The best part is that after the movie you have lingering questions about plot twists and loose ends, especially regarding the characters, who together are a complex, hard-to-pin-down bunch. Christian Bale was incredible and mysterious and HOT and brooding and HOT. Michael Caine epitomized the quintessential supporting actor – stabilizing the front runners but stirring enough interest on his own behalf to keep you watching. Go see it!
  • And finally, last Saturday I did a bit of shopping at Borders (more on that to come) and then Lean and I had sushi at Sakura. It’s the first place I ever had Japanese food, many, many years ago. Much to our delight, Lean and I found that apparently it’s also the place where lots of cute guys hang out on weekends. It was like somebody set off a late-20s boy bomb – delicious boy bits all over!
    • For dinner we shared:
      • Spicy tuna roll (one of my all-time faves)
      • Rock ‘n’ roll (recently added to my repertoire, although I didn’t really like Sakura’s take on it)
      • Shrimp tempura roll (YUM)
      • Soft shell crab roll (DOUBLE YUM)
    • After vittles, catching up, and talking Moxy through a boy debacle via phone, we headed back to Lean’s to watch The Chicken Dance episode of Sex and the City. A cute friend of Miranda’s comes into town but ends up getting engaged to (after only a few days) her decorator. Miranda mocks foolish mortals who marry too quickly while Carrie laments Big’s inability to even sign a gift card with her. Poor Charlotte is forced to be a bridesmaid at the wedding so she rebels by hooking up with a hot groomsman. Meanwhile Samantha realizes she’s already slept with a guy she thought was her new catch. The BEST part is at the end of the show when the bride tosses the bouquet. It lands smack dab in front of our fearless foursome, which they totally ignore in favor of going about their normal business. AWESOME.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is what you might find this 30-year-old Circle City single up to on three Saturdays in October.


One Response to “A Month of Saturdays”

  1. PastaQueen Says:

    Hmmm, Sakura you say? 🙂

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