My Goose May Be Cooked

Remember when that kid (Cleetus hereafter) bumped his tacky yellow Mustang into my brand new beautiful Civic, leaving several minor scratches on the Goose’s rear end? And remember how he was all, “Oh I’m sorry m’am! I was talking on my cell phone and not paying attention!” And remember how he gave me his insurance info (in his Mom’s name) but asked me to not file a claim? Instead he wanted me to get an estimate and he would pay for the repair out-of-pocket. And remember how I called my insurance and they said this type of arrangement is not unusual? They suggested I give Cleetus a certain amount of time to pay me and if he didn’t, I could file a claim with his insurance then. And recall how I wanted to be understanding and compassionate so I cooperated despite the feeling in my gut that trouble was ahead?

Turns out my gut was correct and my altruistic notions while noble, were misgiven. I had a very busy week at work after Cleetus hit me and was unable to leave during the day to get an estimate. To be nice, I left him a message explaining this. He said it wasn’t a problem. About a week and a half later, I went to a Honda dealer on my lunch hour and got an estimate. Unfortunately a few days after that, I hit a deer and trashed the front of the Goose. In dealing with the fallout from that accident, I put off calling Cleetus to tell him the amount of the estimate, especially since those scratches were very minor when compared with the damage from the deer. My mistake: I felt bad so I apologized and explained that it had taken me a few extra days to contact him because I’d hit a deer (AFTER I got the estimate.) This was all the fodder he needed to sic his evil, vicious, scorpion of a Mom on me. She claimed her spawn didn’t do any damage to my car. She next insisted I get three estimates and then upped it to four. She also told me her insurance thought I was trying to get extra money to fix the damage from the deer accident.

After receiving several crazed phone calls from Mommy Dearest, I notified my insurance. They told me to stop communicating with her and Cleetus and to file a claim with his insurance right away. (HELLO dumbass kid??! I was trying to do you a favor and now you’re going to probably lose your insurance, which you deserve because you’re a dishonest poohead!) Still I worried because at the time of the accident, since the damage was minor and I was flustered, I didn’t call the police. It didn’t even occur to me. That means I have no accident report which means it’s basically his word against mine.

Once I filed the claim and had a chance to explain the situation to his insurance, I felt relatively certain everything would be OK. The agent I spoke with was very nice. He assured me they did NOT think I was trying to get money for my deer accident especially since:

  1. That repair is 100% covered by my insurance (I don’t even have to pay a deductible)
  2. The deer damage is to the front of my car and the scratches from him hitting me are on the back of my car. THAT’S THE OTHER END OF THE CAR.
  3. I got the estimate from a reputable Honda dealer BEFORE I EVEN HIT THE DEER, which the Honda guy could verify.

It didn’t help Cleetus’s case that his insurance couldn’t even reach him for more than a week (DUMBASS). In the meantime, I faxed my estimate to his insurance. They finally got in touch with Cleetus, after which an agent called me back and asked me to take pictures of the damage to the Goose. I may not have an accident report but I do have some obvious yellow scratches on the back of my gray car, which I happily photographed. I sent those photos to his insurance and am now waiting for their reply.

Clearly Cleetus was begotten from Satan’s black loins. The fact that this process is taking so long is infuriating, but I’m trying to remain calm, be patient, and provide any information I can, especially since I’m being honest and don’t have anything to hide. The worst case scenario is that I will have to pay a $250 deductible to have my insurance cover the repair. That certainly isn’t the end of the world but still is a proposition about which I’m less than enthusiastic. If this toad gets out of paying, it’s going to be broughten! The damage only costs $480 but aside from that, get a moral! Deal with your mistake responsibly instead of trying to lie and cheat. And what kind of Mom supports her kid in such fraudulent behaviors? UGH UGH UGH UGH. Stay tuned…


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