The World’s Smallest Hunk o’ Falafel

In a stunning show of incredible time management skills, I made it to work not-late-ish today! I even had time to stop at Panera for some hazelnut java – mmmmmmm!

I had a fun weekend. Lean’s grad school friend Fabulous Paul came to town for a visit. Friday we (including Don Kramer) went to the Broad Ripple Brew Pub for dinner. Not to hate, but this is the second time I’ve eaten there and have been underwhelmed. I was trying to order something relatively low cal and low fat, so I chose the baked falafel. When dinner arrived at our table, I found two pita halves on my plate, each stuffed with a tomato slice and a cucumber slice. Inside one of the pitas there was a piece of falafel about the size of a quarter and other than the steamed veggies on the side, that was it. I’M NOT KIDDING! When I showed the waiter he said, “Hmm. That doesn’t look right.” I’m not sure what happened but within a few minutes, he’d brought out two pitas stuffed with plenty o’ falafel. It wasn’t hideously disgusting but it was far from tasty. I know it can be difficult to make healthy food delicious. Lean and Dan got pizza and it looked YUM. I also spotted this awesome looking spinach artichoke pasta dish on the menu. Next time I go there I’ll go on a day when I’m splurging and can eat some of their less healthy but undoubtedly more tasty fare.

After dinner we stopped by Lean’s to regroup and floss (Paul’s a stickler for dental hygiene.) On the way, Lean cranked her Backstreet Boys mix tape so we jammed to I Want It That Way. Lean even knows which BB is singing which part – impressive! Our trio’s trilling rang throughout Indy, inciting middle schoolers everywhere to giggle and squeal.

Next we visited Moxy at her cutie condo – I love it! It’s so cozy and nice. I also met her kitty, who is so sweet but is tearing out all her tail fur. Poor girl. She’s even taking anti-anxiety medicine but it’s not helping. Moxy decided to enlist the help of a pet psychic Lean’s used before. She had an appointment Saturday afternoon but the physic cancelled. (How does that bode?) I think they rescheduled; hopefully she’ll be able to help.

Our movie was playing at Keystone Art, which is a pretty hip theatre. You can even get drinks from a nearby lounge and take them into the movie. With that in mind, Lean and Paul decided to sneak a bottle of wine into the theatre. (Classy!) As we were leaving Moxy’s, Paul asked Lean if she brought a wine key. Lean thought it was silly to call a “cork screw” a “wine key,” so she sassed Paul. What do you call it? I think I say “cork screw” but “wine key” sounds more refined. Turned out Lean had forgotten [an implement with which one opens a bottle of wine] anyway so there was no sneakin’ wino into the theatre after all.

We saw The Queen and I loved it. Helen Mirren was born to play that role – she did such a great job. You feel so frustrated with Queen Elizabeth for the manner in which she responded to Diana’s death but you also learn why she responded in that way. She truly believed the public expected stoicism and fierce resilience of her. It must have been scary for her to find herself so out-of-touch with her people. Her dialogue and interactions with Sylvia Syms, who played her mother, convey this brilliantly, such that by the end of the film, you sympathize with the Queen and feel you understand in a new way. I also was again overwhelmed at the tragedy of Diana’s death and the circumstances surrounding it.

I taught Saturday morning and spent the remainder of the weekend relaxing. Despite that, I was not ready to come back to work on Monday. I’m feeling very burnt out. Fortunately, I’ve finally been here six months so I can start using some of the sick/vacation time I’ve been accruing. Thank goodness!


One Response to “The World’s Smallest Hunk o’ Falafel”

  1. PastaQueen Says:

    I ate at the Broadripple Brewpub once because I had a coupon and I too was underwhelmed. I had the wasabi salmon salad wrap and the wrap was very dry. I also didn’t think the portion was that big for something that costs $8.50. Also, their website sucks 🙂

    Flossing is very important. I didn’t floss and I got 12 cavities. So floss!

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