Death Cab for Mymsie

Death Cab Concert, Louisville, KY 11/15/06

Poorod and I went to the Death Cab concert in Louisville Wednesday and the show was AWESOME. I cannot express how much Ben Gibbard impresses me. He’s soooo talented! He plays guitar, piano, and drums and still manages to write the most moving, haunting, intense, profound, playful, buoyant, bright lyrics you could possibly imagine. This band brings out the journalist in me – I would LOVE to interview them. Maybe some day I’ll have a chance to.

The concert was at the Louisville Palace which is the raddest venue I’ve been to in awhile. I tried to take pics but they came out horribly. The theatre is cozy but mysterious and positively dripping with Spanish Baroque regalia, from impressive columns to unclad statues and richly ornamented facades. Ben (I can call him that because we’re like “this”) said it well, noting the space’s hedonistic vibe. We had balcony seats and the view was stellar. Looking around I had the feeling that any seat in the house would afford a fine visage.

They played lots of favorites and threw in some older tunes from We Have the Facts & We’re Voting Yes, which I just bought and put on heavy rotation. I was kind of bummed Someday You Will Be Loved from Plans didn’t make it into the set list but the performance was spectacular regardless. It was sometimes difficult to hear Ben’s voice over the instruments but honestly just knowing how awesome their music is and being in the same room with them was excitement enough for me, unabashed worshipper that I am.

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists opened for DCFC but we only saw about half of their show. The traffic leaving Indy was HELACIOUS, so we didn’t arrive in Lville until 8:30 p.m. Jarrod was especially amped to hear Ted and crew, so hopefully he liked their performance. My interest is definitely piqued to check out their music.

Awesome show. Awesome band. *pant* *drool* *squeal* *melt* I cannot wait for the next album!

P.S. Like I needed another reason to love JT.


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