I Wish Turkey Only Cost a Nickel

I haven’t blogged all week! You missed me, didn’t you? I sure missed you, and I have TONS to share, especially since I haven’t been blogging a lot in the last few months. I have so many things backed up to tell you about – from new purses and CDs to fun nights on the town with my girls. I’ll start with Thanksgiving. I had Tgiving lunch with Lean’s family at her brother’s house in Zionsville. Lean’s sister-in-law made a huge, yummy meal complete with all the normal favorites. I tried to be good but definitely ate waaaaay too much. To recover, I shall fast for 14 days.

I had thought about spending Tgiving with B in Chicago, but he didn’t know his plans until the last minute. We talked about me going to Chicago for the day on Saturday. I was all gung ho but B said it was too much driving for one day. He convinced me but then later said I should come up anyway. I ended up staying home and holding down the couch. Fortunately, I have a conference in Chicago soon so I’ll get to see the B then.

Lean’s Mom and hubbers decided to spend Thursday night at Lean’s brother’s house, so Lean planned to stay at her Mom’s house in the Ft. She’s invited me there many times – apparently it’s in the country and is a peaceful, relaxing place to hang out. We decided I would bring Abbs Thursday afternoon and stay the night. Our plans changed a bit because Lean’s Mom has three dogs, two of whom are a bit territorial. Lean thought they wouldn’t hurt Abbs but planned to keep them separate from her just in case. Lean’s Mom seemed a bit more skeptical and I hated the idea of putting Abbs into a potentially stressful situation, so I decided to come up by myself for the day on Friday. Unfortunately, Lean had a cootie all week, giving her a fever and yucky aches and she still wasn’t feeling better by Friday. We decided to reschedule our Ft. rendezvous so I’ve just been hanging out at home with Abbs and watching the Bond-a-thon on SPIKE. Goldfinger was on last night. My all-time fave is Dr. No, which I’m hoping they’ll show before the ‘thon is finished. I LOVE the Dr. No soundtrack – “Underneath tha mango tree ma honey and me make boolooloop soon.”

I also watched Steel Magnolias and When A Man Loves a Woman today, both of which are SO good. It’s been a tear fest. Andy Garcia is such a great actor. Speaking of, Lean and I rented his last movie, Lost City, awhile ago. I was bummed I missed it in the theatre. Historically, it was a great film. I learned a lot about Cuba in the 50s. The highlight for me was the music and dancing – both were INCREDIBLE. Unfortunately, the movie was WAY too long. I know Andy Garcia basically funded the movie himself and it was his lifelong dream to make it, so I understand it’s an important project but HOLY BALLS – it drug on and on. And I’m a patient, documentary-loving nerd so when I think it’s too long, you know it’s too long, unkay? 😉

My stupid DVD player is broken and I’ve only had it a few months.Thankfully I bought this warranty deal so I can just take it back to Circuit City tomorrow and get another one. In the meantime, I’ve been unable to watch DVDs, including the Strangers with Candy movie, which I rented earlier this week. I have been so excited to see it – Amy Sedaris is hysterical.

Hee – Abby is tucked in a corner behind the couch, snoring away. She’s had a hard day of resting, eating, and shedding.


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