Meebolicious Baby

Last week I discovered (If you’ve known about it for awhile, indulge me and pretend you haven’t.) It’s an aggregate chat program, like Trillian, but you don’t have to download anything. It functions in your browser window – how cool is that?? This is great news for me. You see, I’ve always used Yahoo! Messenger to chat online. (And let the record show that I’ve always been a productive employee who accomplishes her work and generally goes beyond the call of duty.) When I started working at my last job, something about the server configuration wouldn’t allow me to use Yahoo! Messenger OR its Web interface, so I switched to AOL Instant Messenger, even though it’s an inferior piece of shiznit. People who were accustomed to chatting with me via Yahoo! Messenger had to use AIM instead, which greatly displeased them. When I started my new job, I learned that the IT department does not allow users to download chat programs. (I had to battle to even gain admin access for my own machine, which for a Web developer is NON-SENSE!) I could use AIM Express, the Web-based version of AIM but worried the IT Nazis might spy on my Internet activity and bust me. (Don’t get me started on this topic because it irritates the hell out of me. There are MANY times when I need to quickly communicate with other developers who can use chat programs. It’s often much quicker than e-mail or phone calls. I understand not wanting the average employee to chat online all day but at some point, you have to trust your staff who hold professional positions. It’s not like I work in the cafeteria! Also, even if I’m chatting with friends or family about non-work stuff, it provides a short distraction which I think ultimately makes me more productive. It’s time to quit operating under the restraints of these old work paradigms, especially in regards to Internet-related positions. So there!) Aaaaaaanyway, to get around that problem, I started using the Web-based version of Google Talk, which is Google’s chat program. It’s less-well-known than most chat programs so I figured the IT staff might not notice and even if they did, I could say I was accessing my Gmail account. (While HATING the increasingly clandestine nature of this issue.) I love Google products in general but the Google Talk Web interface is pretty limited and sometimes buggy. Besides, most of the online users I chat with don’t have Google Talk accounts to begin with. Now all my problems are solved – I visit to log into my Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, MSN Messenger, and Gtalk accounts all at once from a browser window without downloading a single application. (You can also connect to ICQ and Jabber accounts, though I don’t have either.)

If you look at my sidebar, you’ll see a new meebo widget, which allows you to message me from my blog. If I’m online, I can message you back and we’ll make merry about how modern we are, all from the safe, cozy wombs of our browser windows. 🙂


One Response to “Meebolicious Baby”

  1. Jay Dub Says:

    Meemsicle–I too caught Steel Magnolia’s over the wknd. doncha just love those women and their souther drawl?

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